Arm Yourself For Fit & Faithful Living

Arm Yourself for Fit & Faithful Living:

How God-Seeking Women Should Equip Themselves for True Health

Ladies, this book was written just for you.  This is a 14-week women’s whole person/wellness and fitness Bible study to be accomplished with an accountability partner.  That’s right, you have to bring along a friend for the journey because you will walk this path leaning on each other, bouncing questions and answers and depending on one another.

This book has meal plans, recipes, and a slew of workout training programs, but the true reason for this book is not to engage in another diet or workout. This book goes deep to identify and fix the culprits that are behind the true assaults on our bodies – which sometimes have nothing to do with food or exercise.


EXERCISE PLANS:  If you are a regular walker, are a member at the YMCA or CrossFit – don’t change it!  This study doesn’t require you to change the way you exercise. There are lots of options for any age in the book in case you don’t have a plan.  Maybe you want to just walk or stretch – that’s in there. If you train for marathons and adventure racing – don’t worry, there are even programs in there for you too.

NUTRITION PLANS & EDUCATION: Maybe you already are a master at Weight Watchers or are a nutrition expert yourself, this book won’t make you change a thing. If you have a handle on your nutrition – WHOO, keep it up!  But for those who need some help, a boost, fresh ideas, or basic education there are plenty of new things to learn in the Treasure Chest (tons of resources in the back of the book).

EMOTIONAL & MENTAL HEALTH: If you don’t have an issue with jealousy, emotional depression, moments of insecurity, frustrations, worry, doubt, fears, anxieties or things you’d like to tackle on the inside of your heart, then this is your opportunity to help mentor and support your accountability partner through their journey.  There a few sections where it might get deep, like the kind that can make us uneasy, and…want to not be too honest and open with our AP.

SOCIAL & SPIRITUAL HEALTH: Maybe you are a Bible scholar or teacher, but you desire to strengthen your relationships? These sections could do just that. If you have relationship drama, hurts, pride, bitterness, fallouts, hangups or just messy stuff you’d like to focus on, you’ll get your chance to dive in and look at your own heart. There are bi-weekly health challenges throughout the book to help you divide them up and tackle on your time frame.


  1. Before you being your study, find accountability: decide if you will journey in this study with one person or two people. Each woman needs to choose this person for herself. This is the most important part of the study.
  2. Decide if you will do this study with your accountability partner(s) only or meet your AP(s) in a large group such as your church or book club – details here for a large group study.
  3. Decide on a day and time to meet each week.
  4. You and your accountability partner will read Chapter One before the first meeting. This will prepare you for your first meeting together. (Don’t worry, all these details are in the book in the opening pages)
  5. Then plan to meet every week for 13 weeks (it’s a 14-week study, but the first week you read on your own).


The book is set up in 7 sections. Each section has 2 chapters (for us non-math whiz’s, this means there are 14 chapters). You will spend a week on each chapter and then meet with your AP(s).  There are only 4 days per week of material to read and apply. However, you can apply the things you learn every day.

You must read Chapter One before you meet for the first time. This will give you material to discuss at your first meeting. You can meet anywhere; a park, church, your couch, or the library.

The book is your copy. It’s meant to be written in. So if you have the Ebook version, be prepared to print and actually write things down. There are bi-weekly health challenges and goals you’ll want to take advantage of by writing notes.

After you read Chapter One, you will meet every week for the following 13 weeks.


There are many resources coming. Since this book is so new, we are just getting all the material out.

  • Bulletin insert
  • Postcard
  • Facebook invite
  • Poster/flyer
  • DECAL: After you finish the study, you will know why you will want this decal. It will remind you of everything you learned when you see your decal in (your special spot that you decide to post it)


Join me and the other women who are learning to stand strong in the faith, with God’s tools, wisdom, and armor to combat the fiery darts that come gainst our health. I can’t wait to hear your story!

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