Don’t Push Back Those Calories

By skimping on breakfast and eating low calories or sugary carbs (like a packaged muffin, bagel, or protein bar) you are pushing back your caloric intake to later in the day. By lunch time most people realize they are getting hungry, but know enough sense to not over eat and destroy their diet (plus they are so busy they don’t have time for a normal lunch so they eat at their desk).  A salad or [...]

Share Your 30-Day Challenge With Friends

Come join me in my 30-Day Nutrition Challenge.  I’m super excited and I want to share the experience with you.  All you have to do is sign up! It’s FREE! What’s Included: You’ll get a FREE 30-Day Nutrition e-Book loaded with 26 different nutrition challenges, 5 different EASY meal plans, daily devotionals sent to your inbox for the next 30 days, and a daily nutrition tip. (Don’t worry, there aren’t tons of more emails asking [...]

5 Outside-The-Box Reasons Why You’re Gaining Weight

Make-Up Is Making You Fat! Many things can cause weight gain, and yes we know eating chocolate and chips and salsa coupled with lack of exercise isn’t helping the cause, but what about some of the less obvious contributors?  Maybe if we cut out some of these smaller ones listed below, we could still eat our guacamole too! 1. Beauty Products -Obesogens – Can Make You FatNew word? Obesogens are chemical compounds that disrupt normal development and balance of [...]

2-Week Emotional Health Challenge

We chose a ‘Nutritional Health Challenge’ last month and ran with it, but an Emotional one? Here’s the secret – we all could use a little help with our emotions (no one’s perfect), we just don’t all show it in the same way.  I may hide my emotions and reserve it only for my close friends or husband, others may only expose it to God, while others can even try to hid it from Him. [...]

What Legacy Are You Leaving Behind?

I came across a little boy this week who knew Easter to be filled with Easter egg hunts and big meals, like Thanksgiving.  I asked if he went to church on Easter.  He said he stopped going when they moved about 3 years ago.  On St. Patrick’s Day a few weeks ago, millions celebrated with green clothing, green brew, green themed parties and green little leprechauns.  I soon realized many adults don’t know much about [...]
Pre-Workout FoodsI’ve been asked so many times what the best foods to eat prior to a workout would be.  My response, depends on what you will be doing and when. Generally speaking, a CLEAN small snack or meal is all you need prior to a good workout.  Could be within the hour to even 15 minutes prior.   Either way – eat something rather than nothing.This is a great chart. Simple. Post-Workout Foods What should we [...]

Be Strong

Sometimes I don’t feel that strong, in fact, I feel flat out weak – no matter how many pounds I can lift.  Being strong in the physical is very different than being strong in the spiritual.  It’s different in the emotional or mental sense as well.  We may be giants on the outside but at times we can feel as small ias nfants on the inside. We as humans are strong, but we are more than that.  We [...]

Stressed With the Home Load?

Sometimes it’s not what we do, but how we do it that changes everything. “I have to do laundry again!” instead of “I get to do laundry”. Of course this might work on someone who has matured in their years and experienced the have-not’s in their life time, but what about those younger blossoming tweens that have always experienced the have’s?  And we can even ask ourselves, what about us, those adults who have generally experienced [...]
Instead of making a New Years list of things to do and not do, here are some tasks that will add up in the end that work great for me and my clients.  Take baby steps and start with one, then once that is mastered, add another, etc.  Before too long these little accomplishments will bring much satisfaction in the end and become a life style -without ever using the word “DIET”.  These will target [...]

4 Solutions to Kick Your Emotions & Mind in Gear

  Going outside and working out is a fav for me and some of my friends, but it’s not for everyone.  Sometimes there is more going on, on the inside of someone, that is holding them back from enjoying all God called them to be and do. Sometimes we can feel inadequate in certain situations. For example: Let’s say you want to join a gym because you are needing to lose 20 pounds.  You walk [...]