45-Minute Hotel or At-Home Workout: No Equipment Needed! Intermediate - Advanced Level

I have been asked to show a “Hotel Workout” or “At Home Workout”, the kind that you can do when your kids are at home or you can’t make it to the gym. If you are traveling, this is a great little workout you can do anywhere. This may look intense, but it really is as hard as you make it. My calorie tracker/heart rate monitor showed that I burned 800 calories in 45 minutes [...]

Over 40? Lifting is the New Running Stop running yourself ragged and start building health

Proof if You are Over 40 to Get OFF The Treadmill The more continuing ed I read, the more articles and books I research the more the evidence is piling up that many days of long bouts of straight cardio should be a thing of the past. Not only does it release free-radicals that make us age, it’s actually helping store fat around our legs, butt, core, and organs. Want proof? Let’s dig in: 1. [...]

Core Balance Workout – No Crunches!

Equipment Needed: medicine balls and a Bosu Below are a few core workouts to give a while. They will incorporate your balance while engaging your core. Don’t be surprised if you can’t nail it the first time you try. It took me a while for my mind and body would connect. Either way – try it. You may just fall in love with it! Balance involves more than we think. We use it to do everyday [...]

Are You Wasting Time Working Out? Are You a Treadmill Runner?

People are literally wasting their time working out – especially if it’s just on a treadmill? Not all people, but just those who aren’t exercising how their body needs.  We can all perform exercises, whatever the level, but what if you found out logging an hour a day on that treadmill was actually just wasting time? This is the case for many women I’ve trained. MEET HOLLY When Holly came to me and asked why [...]

Total Core Workout

There are countless ways to work the core – and not every core exercise is right for all people. Some people have a tight neck and shouldn’t perform endless crunches or even hold a plank for long periods of time. Some have a lower bad back and can’t put too much pressure on it, so even using your back as a fulcrum to perform core exercises could be dangerous. Choose the exercises that fit you [...]

Arm Yourself For Fit & Faithful Living

There is so much more to our health than hitting the gym and mastering our dinner plate with excellence. Have you ever considered there was more to achieving your health goals than just a rock-solid diet or exercise plan? Not only will you conquer these two avenues, you’ll go deeper in the trenches and tackle comparisons, insecurities, and mental struggles that thwart the very health goals you set out to accomplish. In this 14-week whole [...]

Exercise Anywhere!

I am blessed to be able to teach fitness classes in other countries…yes, a dream job. The number one thing about any fitness class is that… I absolutely LOVE exercising outside! I enjoy the warm weather most. It’s not that I don’t like the cold, well, actually I don’t like it all too much (bad experience getting hypothermia in  Spartan Race) but I LOVE warmer weather.  I forget from time to time being in Iowa how much [...]

Partner Exercises

Social Interaction is an important part of our everyday lives that we take for granted.  We interact with others either at the office, grocery store, out for a walk, at the gym, driving in the car or even on the phone or Internet. Just by chatting or leaving a comment on a blog is communication. God has called us to interact with people and witness our love for Him by our actions and attitudes. So [...]

45 Minute Don’t Get Bored Workout No Equipment Needed

 45-Minute Total Body: Don’t Get Bored Workout: No Equipment Needed (option to repeat circuits)  Go through each circuit as fast as possible only resting 60 seconds in between circuits by grabbing some water and slowing down breathing. I have been asked to show some of my “Hotel Workouts” and “At Home Workouts”, you know, the kind that you can do when your kids are at home sick (and they are sleeping and you are available to [...]

25 Minute Interval Training – All Levels

Here is an intense 20 – 30 minute Interval Cardio Workout – no matter your level and no equipment needed. You can do this one anywhere and anytime. Most anyone can do these exercises, especially if you modify to your ability. Don’t get frustrated if you can’t do them all the first time. Put on some motivating Christian Music (I like Skillet for this workout, my fav song is Awake and Alive), have fun! Beginner [...]