Featured Exercise – Bottom’s Up

Featured Exercise: Bottom’s Up Try this one on for size…here is a Bottom’s Up Exercise that will target your bottom’s up through the core. It takes those weak back muscles and makes them stronger.  Start in position #1. Weight evenly distributed on hands and hips. Relax feet. Lift your legs at the same time squeezing your bottom and bending your elbows to put more weight on your hands. Lower down to position #1 and repeat [...]

Featured Exercise – Deep Curtsey Lunge

Here is a fun exercise, of course I think it’s fun because it’s a butt blaster. Great for those hips, thighs and glutes regardless if you are man or woman – this is for us both! Build strength and endurance in that bottom half: Deep Curtsey Lunge Starting off in a deep squat, push your hips back and place your elbows on your knees. Engage your core by pulling it in and taking pressure off [...]

5 Reasons To Exercise With Others

Don’t go in it alone! If you were to go on a road trip across the country would you do it alone? (well some of us might think we would want to or at least leave some children behind) But think about it…there are certain things we should do with others, like going on vacations, cliff diving, deep water fishing and…exercising. For some of us, we haven’t found that person that can run the same [...]

It All Takes Time

The Key to any workout is repetition! Golden Rule: Perform 3 times a week of an exercise, waiting 48 hours before working those specific muscles again. (if you work biceps, you should not work them again for 48 hours) The goal is to do it 3 times per week! I have heard this story before and wanted to share. To make it more fun…imagine with me, for 2 minutes, that this is you: “You wake [...]

SQUEEZE in Exercise Anywhere!

I can only imagine what America would look like if there weren’t washers and dryers, microwaves, ovens, dishwashers and computers…I am sure you can too. Back in the Bible days people worked with their hands a lot more than the average office desk job the majority of Americans live at.  With all these machines, come lots of conveniences that we take for granted everyday…so much that we aren’t as active as back them.  Don’t get [...]

Myths of Exercise – Part Two

Part TWO #6– As you age you gain fat. I have heard this one a million times. There’s a common myth that as you age gaining fat becomes unavoidable. This simply isn’t true – the reason you gain fat is because your metabolism has slowed down, mainly due to a lack of exercise and bad diet choices.  The average older adult stops working, slows down the amount of exercise and lessening daily physical tasks. #7 [...]

Strong Bodies Start Young

//www.youtube.com/get_player I had to share this cute video of my son practicing for Football. He is lifting his (much smaller sister) to achieve a good chest workout.  Kids now a days are either in a sport or activity most days of the week, or they are in front of technology for a better part of the day. I know, I know. Not ALL kids follow this formula, but you have to admit, most do.  There [...]

Warm Up Is Just As Important – 400-600 Reps – Advanced Level

During your warm up, remember who created you, remember why you have the health you have. It’s not because YOU eat well and YOU take care of your body. God gave you that body to take care of, that’s your free gift from Him and your obligation. Remember those who are stricken with a disease or poor health and can’t do these exercises below like you can. Thank God for the body you have, thank [...]

Memorize While You Try This Workout!

If you can dedicate 45 minutes to physical activity, can you dedicate 5 minutes to memorizing? Not only will this improve your workout, it will improve brain cells, memory in the future, and also give you Not only will this improve your workout, it will improve brain cells, memory in the future, and also give you many spiritual gains. Memorize this scripture – and hey if you already have, then chose another you don’t know! [...]