Struggling? Try Burst Training!

Briskly walk to warm up for 1-2 minutes Run as fast as you can – sprinting for 1 minute Recover for 2 FULL minutes Immediately repeat again for 1 minute Do this for 5 full rotations of each * You can do this with any type of exercises – Plyometrics, Ellipticals, Bikes, Jump Rope, etc. This is not a comfortable workout. But, sometimes when we are faced with uncomfortable times we get to see a [...]

Who Has The Time? Read to the bottom – Great Workout!

There are so many ways to get fit, but why doesn’t the average person stick to those opportunities of fitness? We could all think of a few reasons, but we all know that a major one is TIME! Think about it like this:It might take the average person 5 minutes to eat breakfast, maybe longer if they are reading the paper, making a shopping list, to do list or looking at their computer screen. When [...]

Record & Track

Some people are not trackers, recorders or secretaries nor have the gifts that come along with these administrative positions – some on the other hand have no problem keeping a journal, writing prayer requests, keeping track of calories, etc. I have a CHALLENGE for you all: RECORD AND TRACK highlighted aspects of your life/Prayer Request! I recently went through some drawers and stumbled across my “keep sakes” from high school and college. As I took [...]

Healthy Tips For Your Children

Healthy Tips for your Children Childhood obesity has now become a worldwide problem. More and more children these days are suffering the same symptoms and diseases that were once only seen in adults; heart disease, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes, to name just a few. The good news and the bad news is that our children mimic everything we do. Your habits will sometimes become their habits (scary huh?). I’ll never forget when my [...]