Healthy Eating & Recipies

Calorie Measuring Stick

One Serving of Mac & Cheese or TWO? So if this was your measuring stick to decide how much total fat you are allowed to have in one day, check out what happens when you eat 1 more cup of a mac and cheese dinner. It doubles the amount of fat and calories. So if Mac and cheese dinner is on the menu for tonight…think 1 cup instead of 2. You have to have portion [...]

Counting Calories – How Many Do I Even Need?

This is a continuation of “Is Portion Control Controlling You?” First of all, please see your doctor if you have any issues with our heart, high blood pressure or diabetes, or other known ailments that may interfere with lowering your caloric intake. How do I know how many calories are right for me? There is a formula that was created to help figure out the natural caloric intake for the average person. Of course we [...]

Is Portion Control Controlling You?

I recently was talking to a friend and they told me they have never counted calories before – never! I couldn’t believe it. The reason why I couldn’t believe it was they were on a diet plan that told them to “just cut back” to lose weight. My friend wasn’t losing weight and didn’t know why. She was cutting back and wasn’t seeing results.As Christians we sometimes wonder if God is really helping us, or [...]

Myths of Exercise -Part One

As a Certified Personal Trainer I hear all kids of excuses, made up stories and even myths concerning exercise. Here is a list of typical myths and why they are BUSTED! #1 – Steady cardio is best for fat loss The problem with steady state cardio for fat loss is; • It doesn’t burn many calories while performing the exercise and burns very little if any after. • It causes the body to reduce its [...]

Top 10 Superfoods

                Ever get in a rut by eating the same things, over and over and over again? We all need some fresh ideas when it comes to dinners, lunches, breakfasts and snacks.  Just like we can’t be fed  spiritually if we only read the same verse and recite the same prayer. Our menu of spiritual applications should include a variety of avenues – just like our foods. If we were to only eat manna every [...]

Broccoli, Cabbage & Carrots – Fat Burning Foods!

Broccoli, Cabbage and Carrots are more fat burning foods to add to your regular diet. Broccoli You might not believe this, but broccoli is America’s favorite vegetable according to a recent poll. No wonder. A cup of cooked broccoli has a mere 44 calories. It delivers a staggering nutritional payload and is considered the number one cancer-fighting vegetable. It has no fat, loads of fiber, cancer fighting chemicals called indoles, carotene, 21 times the RDA [...]

Barley & Beans – Fat Burning Foods!

Here are some more Fat Burning Foods to add to your list! Barley This is a filling grain that stacks up favorably to rice and potatoes. If you can believe this, it has 170 calories per cooked cup, respectable levels of protein and fiber and relatively low fat. Roman gladiators ate this grain regularly for strength and actually complained when they had to eat meat – wow, go figure!Studies at the University of Wisconsin show [...]

Butter – Is It Really Good Fat or Bad Fat?

Butter: Good Fat or Bad Fat? People are often shocked when they see how much butter I use and eat in one day. But I know the real truth; Butter is a good fat and can actually help you lose weight.Unfortunately, people thinking butter is unhealthy is a very common misconception. People still think that butter and saturated fats are the reason heart disease is one of the top killers in this country (and now [...]

Is Milk really Healthy?

Is The “New” Milk really Healthy? Is milk really necessary for an effective weight loss plan? Do we have to drink our milk each day to get a sufficient amount of calcium? The answer to both of these questions is NO. We do not need to drink milk as part of a healthy weight loss plan or to obtain a healthy amount of calcium each day. However, in its natural form it’s one of the [...]