Healthy Living

Be Strong

Sometimes I don’t feel that strong, in fact, I feel flat out weak – no matter how many pounds I can lift.  Being strong in the physical is very different than being strong in the spiritual.  It’s different in the emotional or mental sense as well.  We may be giants on the outside but at times we can feel as small ias nfants on the inside. We as humans are strong, but we are more than that.  We [...]

Stressed With the Home Load?

Sometimes it’s not what we do, but how we do it that changes everything. “I have to do laundry again!” instead of “I get to do laundry”. Of course this might work on someone who has matured in their years and experienced the have-not’s in their life time, but what about those younger blossoming tweens that have always experienced the have’s?  And we can even ask ourselves, what about us, those adults who have generally experienced [...]
Instead of making a New Years list of things to do and not do, here are some tasks that will add up in the end that work great for me and my clients.  Take baby steps and start with one, then once that is mastered, add another, etc.  Before too long these little accomplishments will bring much satisfaction in the end and become a life style -without ever using the word “DIET”.  These will target [...]

2,000 More Weekends Left

Why are you here on earth? Let me ask that again. Why are YOU here on earth? Do you know how much longer you have to live?  Are you making a difference with the time you do have? Do you know that if your last day on earth was at 70 years old, and you were 30 right now, you would only have 2,000 more weekends on this earth before you left it? If you [...]

Arm Yourself

Arm yourself with the tools you need to stand string and win your battle. People can make all the lists they want when it comes to New Year Resolutions, but do they ever follow through? Attention Women: If you are serious about your health and want to make a difference in overall with your physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual body then join Arm Yourself. You can do this physically in my classes or online [...]

SMART Goal Setting

In the Bible it says “without a plan people will perish…” we must have a plan of attack. We can’t go to war without weapons, without wisdom and without a plan. GOAL SETTING God has given us tools to help us make SMART healthy goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely SMART Specific: If there aren’t specific details on a map you would get lost along the way. Every right or left turn needs to be [...]

Some Health Foods Aren’t Healthy!

We have all heard too much of anything, even a good thing, isn’t good for us.  Well, that can also be said about health food…WHAT?!  Some health food really isn’t that healthy after all. Take raisins for example. If eaten too often and in larger quantities these little snacks can become a huge burden. Raisins are actually loaded with empty calories.  Ugh, yet another let down when trying to choose a whole food.  A single [...]