Mental Health

2,000 More Weekends Left

Why are you here on earth? Let me ask that again. Why are YOU here on earth? Do you know how much longer you have to live?  Are you making a difference with the time you do have? Do you know that if your last day on earth was at 70 years old, and you were 30 right now, you would only have 2,000 more weekends on this earth before you left it? If you [...]

Arm Yourself

Arm yourself with the tools you need to stand string and win your battle. People can make all the lists they want when it comes to New Year Resolutions, but do they ever follow through? Attention Women: If you are serious about your health and want to make a difference in overall with your physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual body then join Arm Yourself. You can do this physically in my classes or online [...]

SMART Goal Setting

In the Bible it says “without a plan people will perish…” we must have a plan of attack. We can’t go to war without weapons, without wisdom and without a plan. GOAL SETTING God has given us tools to help us make SMART healthy goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely SMART Specific: If there aren’t specific details on a map you would get lost along the way. Every right or left turn needs to be [...]

Life is an Adventure!

One of my favorite things to do is race, but not just race, racing with obstacles and adventure! No matter where we go there is usually adventure awaiting us. Sometimes it’s just a matter of allowing it to happen. If we stay home the chances of it arriving at our door step is a lot less likely then if we go looking for it. When my husband and I sign up for adventure racing we [...]

Are you AWAKE & ALIVE?

Do you ever wonder where some people get all that energy to do all these “things in life” and do them well?  Do you ever say to yourself, “Self, I am not alive inside, something is missing!”?  I hear it a lot. People are not pleased at where they are in life, something is missing. It’s like they are missing the mark, the higher calling in their life, but yet they don’t know what that [...]

It All Takes Time

The Key to any workout is repetition! Golden Rule: Perform 3 times a week of an exercise, waiting 48 hours before working those specific muscles again. (if you work biceps, you should not work them again for 48 hours) The goal is to do it 3 times per week! I have heard this story before and wanted to share. To make it more fun…imagine with me, for 2 minutes, that this is you: “You wake [...]

What’s Your Number One Focus?

Think of the Number One thing you HAVE to do today…maybe it’s work, maybe it’s cleaning or taking care of a loved one. Does it make you happy, sad, angry? Do you wish you could be doing something other than that “have to” today? Now, think of something you WANT to do today…it must be realistic. So for example, the idea of running away to a tropical island last minute with no preparation isn’t an [...]