Are you AWAKE & ALIVE?

Do you ever wonder where some people get all that energy to do all these “things in life” and do them well?  Do you ever say to yourself, “Self, I am not alive inside, something is missing!”?  I hear it a lot. People are not pleased at where they are in life, something is missing. It’s like they are missing the mark, the higher calling in their life, but yet they don’t know what that [...]

Be Still

“Be still and know that I am God…” Psalms 46:10  Everyday we should have some sort of down time to refocus, relax and recommit. Even secular society realizes we need a break (thus why most have weekends off). Having a quieter time during the morning, day and/or night is what God is asking, in fact He commands it.We don’t have to be “doing” anything, except being.  Meditating on a Scripture and God, think about Him [...]

What’s Your Number One Focus?

Think of the Number One thing you HAVE to do today…maybe it’s work, maybe it’s cleaning or taking care of a loved one. Does it make you happy, sad, angry? Do you wish you could be doing something other than that “have to” today? Now, think of something you WANT to do today…it must be realistic. So for example, the idea of running away to a tropical island last minute with no preparation isn’t an [...]

Prayer – Even Jesus Did It!

  Sometimes when people hear the word “PRAY” or the words “Prayer Meeting” they about-face and head out the back door. WHY? I have met so many that would rather clean a public toilet than pray – especially out loud. Why are there so many of us that are uncomfortable with praying? Jesus prayed – A LOT! The Bible is filled with examples of Jesus’ prayers and examples of Him going off somewhere to pray. [...]