Weight Loss

5 Outside-The-Box Reasons Why You’re Gaining Weight

Make-Up Is Making You Fat! Many things can cause weight gain, and yes we know eating chocolate and chips and salsa coupled with lack of exercise isn’t helping the cause, but what about some of the less obvious contributors?  Maybe if we cut out some of these smaller ones listed below, we could still eat our guacamole too! 1. Beauty Products -Obesogens – Can Make You FatNew word? Obesogens are chemical compounds that disrupt normal development and balance of [...]

Don’t Starve Yourself!

Do you know how many calories you consume daily?  Do you know how many calories you burn daily?  Why are these questions important? If you are taking in more calories than you are burning – you will gain weight. How much weight? There are 3500 calories in 1lb.  If you take in 4,000 calories one day and only burn 3,000 calories you have a balance of 1,000 calories. If you continue this cycle in less [...]

Broccoli, Cabbage & Carrots – Fat Burning Foods!

Broccoli, Cabbage and Carrots are more fat burning foods to add to your regular diet. Broccoli You might not believe this, but broccoli is America’s favorite vegetable according to a recent poll. No wonder. A cup of cooked broccoli has a mere 44 calories. It delivers a staggering nutritional payload and is considered the number one cancer-fighting vegetable. It has no fat, loads of fiber, cancer fighting chemicals called indoles, carotene, 21 times the RDA [...]

Barley & Beans – Fat Burning Foods!

Here are some more Fat Burning Foods to add to your list! Barley This is a filling grain that stacks up favorably to rice and potatoes. If you can believe this, it has 170 calories per cooked cup, respectable levels of protein and fiber and relatively low fat. Roman gladiators ate this grain regularly for strength and actually complained when they had to eat meat – wow, go figure!Studies at the University of Wisconsin show [...]

Obesity Statistics – WOW!

Okay, so this weight loss company “Strip The Fat” put together these obesity statistics and I thought I would  share…shocking, I might add…but not surprising. 64 percent of people in the US are overweight 48% of people in Europe are overweight 27% of Americans are classified as obese Obesity is responsible for 325,000 deaths every year Obesity cost an estimated $75 billion in 2003 because of it’s long and expensive treatment 300 million people worldwide [...]

My Personal Master Cleanse Benefits!

Okay so as promised, here are my BENEFITS from the Master Cleanse…the unparalleled outcome. 1. After the full 10 days my tongue started turning white again! This is a sign the cleanse is over, it’s done, the nasty build up in your body is outta here! 2. In 10 days I lost 8 pounds! I wasn’t on the detox for losing weight, I was on it to get rid of allergies…but I won’t get my [...]

The Downfalls of any Detox

Okay, so I tried this Master Cleanse (my first Detox)… This was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but OHHHHH the benefits outweighed my measly little 10 day detox in respects to my life time of benefits!!!!!! Downfalls and Pitfalls of a Detox: When the body goes through a detoxification it is getting rid of nasty things the body should not have in it to begin with…so it bellows and revolts in [...]