Nutritional Health

Answer the two questions below:

  1.  Do you focus on nutrition more than exercise?
  2. Do you know about how many calories you consume per week?

 If you can nail down these two questions and answer them with a yes, your health will be significantly better


Focus More on Nutrition Than Exercise

It is said that our nutrition is about 80-85% of our health.  I am one to believe this percentage as I’ve seen it first hand in my life, my clients, and my family.

We come home from a long day at work, hungry, and ready to eat whatever we can get your hands on because we are tired and exhausted. We don’t find anything readily available to eat, so we settle for the quickest and easiest thing so we can relax and not do one more thing that requires brain activity for the next hour.

This is the exact reason why we aren’t healthy.  Too busy and exhausted and have no desire to plan meals out for the long haul.  This is why fast food is an American staple.

If 80-85% of our health is indeed NUTRITION, then our highest priority should be just that—our food – NOT what exercises we are going to do.

If you took the next 30 days and truly focused on your nutrition first, and made it a number one gigantic priority, over exercise, I bet you’d feel and look better, have more energy, laugh more, reduce wrinkles, contain more focus, and get more done in less time.

  NUTRITION 80% Health

EXERCISE 20% Health

In order to make this a reality we MUST figure out and understand our trouble spots with our food — because the good Lord knows we ALL have them.

There are a few steps to get on the right track with making nutrition a priority.  Read through my brief posts and try to implement them and give them a whirl.

DON’T Push Back Your Calories

How Many Calories Per Week Do You Have?



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