Meal Plans

Help yourself to these easy to use meal plans. Let me know if you have questions. These are the foods I eat most often in my normal everyday eating plan. Meal Plan Level 1 Download this simple plan. You can use this as many days as you’d like in a row…but don’t worry, you’ll get a little bored so I made some more to try! FreeMealPlanLevel1-FAF Meal Plan Level 2 A slightly upgraded plan after [...]

Arm Yourself For Fit & Faithful Living

There is so much more to our health than hitting the gym and mastering our dinner plate with excellence. Have you ever considered there was more to achieving your health goals than just a rock-solid diet or exercise plan? Not only will you conquer these two avenues, you’ll go deeper in the trenches and tackle comparisons, insecurities, and mental struggles that thwart the very health goals you set out to accomplish. In this 14-week whole [...]

Do I Really Pray as Much as I Should?

Prayer. It’s a scary word for many…but why? Praying is a personal thing and one that many feel they don’t practice enough of.  Ask anyone if they should pray more and they will say yes! Ther is no measuring stick of how much someone should pray. But, the Bible does say…pray without ceasing (1 Thes. 5:16). Prayer can be scary because we are communicating with God…THE GOD…the Creator and the One who’s name is Love. [...]

My 8 Favorite Protein Powders for Women

List of My Fav Protein Powders Whey comes from cow’s milk and is shown to be more effective in stimulating muscle protein synthesis than others.  It’s affordable, and in my opinion tastes the best.  I recommend whey protein unless a client has some reason not to use it. What NOT to have in your protein powders. PROTEIN POWDERS I LIKE – most likely found on the Web (in order of preference) Philosophie Raw Whey Protein [...]

10 WORST Ingredients in Protein Powders

  My top 10 worst ingredients found in protein powders. We all need protein to survive obviously, but where that comes from is another story.  Many can get it from their foods, but not all of us are.  Some of those sources aren’t the best either.  For example: Yogurt. It can be high in protein, but loaded with sugar.  Also, protein powders can be consumed so quickly – it’s an easy choice in a grab and [...]

6 Signs You Aren’t Getting Enough Protein

Protein. Greek yogurt, Paleo Diet, protein powders, protein plus noodles – it’s everywhere.  One would think everyone is getting more than their fair share of protein.  “We aren’t known as a country that’s low in protein,” says Dawn Jackson Blatner, R.D., author of The Flexitarian Diet. “These days, most of the hot fad diets are very pro-protein.” Regardless of this saturated protein push, there are still some who aren’t getting enough.  Vegetarians and those who restrict [...]

Fall & Thanksgiving Essential Oil Aromas

Many different oils offer tantalizing aromas around the holidays.  Grab your diffuser and enjoy these different concoctions with real medicinal and therapy components. These are some of my favorites.   Please share if you have some more, I’d love to try them! Fall Scent: 3 drops Bergamot,  2 drops each of Ginger, Frankincense Birch.  Reminiscent of walking or hiking in the woods.  That time of year when the leave turn colors and anticipation of things to come is [...]

Why you Should Make 3 Dinners Today Instead of 1

I could tell you there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to do everything you want to do – and do it well…because you already know this.  Have you ever really thought why this is the case?  Why is our time so taxed and why do we seem helpless to slow it down? We  even have all these modern conveniences that help us with general household chores – and yet we are [...]


  It’s hard to give up being leader and relinquish the things we want to be in charge of; having the answers, making the decisions, and being in control of our time and money. To surrender to Christ is to give up the steering wheel and allow Him to drive. However, we can’t just jump in the passenger seat, we must honestly know why we are handing over the keys and trusting Christ with our [...]

Avocado Chocolate Cookies

I began a search for healthy cookies, mainly made with whole foods and no white or brown sugar in the ingredients   Below is another cookie you have to try! Avocado Chocolate Cookies 1 avocado flesh (ripe, but not brown) 1 banana (ripe, but not brown) 1 egg ½ cup dark cocoa powder (I filled the avocado peel as my measuring cup -fill about 1/2 way full) Sprinkle dark chocolate chunks (I used about 1/4-1/2 cup with [...]