Praying Can’t Hurt

Emotions play more of role in our total health then we think. If we are stressed and heard some news that’s hard swallow, it does something to our physical being. This is because we are more than a body housing a spirit. We have lots of layers and lots of components all wrapped up in one tremendous human being!  Exercising isn’t enough. We have to be mindful and aware of our emotions, mental state, social [...]

25 Minute Interval Training – All Levels

Here is an intense 20 – 30 minute Interval Cardio Workout – no matter your level and no equipment needed. You can do this one anywhere and anytime. Most anyone can do these exercises, especially if you modify to your ability. Don’t get frustrated if you can’t do them all the first time. Put on some motivating Christian Music (I like Skillet for this workout, my fav song is Awake and Alive), have fun! Beginner [...]

Some Health Foods Aren’t Healthy!

We have all heard too much of anything, even a good thing, isn’t good for us.  Well, that can also be said about health food…WHAT?!  Some health food really isn’t that healthy after all. Take raisins for example. If eaten too often and in larger quantities these little snacks can become a huge burden. Raisins are actually loaded with empty calories.  Ugh, yet another let down when trying to choose a whole food.  A single [...]

Arm Yourself Week 5

Arm Yourself Christian Fitness Courses are a FUN exercise program with a Christian Inspirational focus.  If you live in the area (Quad Cities, IA) and want to join us for the next session please email me. We are opening it up to children and men – families are welcomed to come and exercise together, but you can always come solo this next session (more dates and info on it to come).  We are also going [...]

Features Exercise: Roll Outs

Try these Roll Outs on for size.  You can modify this exercise to make it easier or a lot more advanced.  Rolls outs are a very useful exercise because it torches your back side. I use this a lot in classes and with clients to tone up those trouble spots.  Start with heels on the ball, back neutral on the mat.   Take a deep breath in and as you start then exhale as you roll [...]

Featured Exercise – Bottom’s Up

Featured Exercise: Bottom’s Up Try this one on for size…here is a Bottom’s Up Exercise that will target your bottom’s up through the core. It takes those weak back muscles and makes them stronger.  Start in position #1. Weight evenly distributed on hands and hips. Relax feet. Lift your legs at the same time squeezing your bottom and bending your elbows to put more weight on your hands. Lower down to position #1 and repeat [...]

Featured Exercise – Deep Curtsey Lunge

Here is a fun exercise, of course I think it’s fun because it’s a butt blaster. Great for those hips, thighs and glutes regardless if you are man or woman – this is for us both! Build strength and endurance in that bottom half: Deep Curtsey Lunge Starting off in a deep squat, push your hips back and place your elbows on your knees. Engage your core by pulling it in and taking pressure off [...]

Life is an Adventure!

One of my favorite things to do is race, but not just race, racing with obstacles and adventure! No matter where we go there is usually adventure awaiting us. Sometimes it’s just a matter of allowing it to happen. If we stay home the chances of it arriving at our door step is a lot less likely then if we go looking for it. When my husband and I sign up for adventure racing we [...]