Arm Yourself Week 5

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Arm Yourself Christian Fitness Courses are a FUN exercise program with a Christian Inspirational focus.  If you live in the area (Quad Cities, IA) and want to join us for the next session please email me. We are opening it up to children and men – families are welcomed to come and exercise together, but […]

Features Exercise: Roll Outs

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Try these Roll Outs on for size.  You can modify this exercise to make it easier or a lot more advanced.  Rolls outs are a very useful exercise because it torches your back side. I use this a lot in classes and with clients to tone up those trouble spots.  Start with heels on the […]

Featured Exercise – Bottom’s Up

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Featured Exercise: Bottom’s Up Try this one on for size…here is a Bottom’s Up Exercise that will target your bottom’s up through the core. It takes those weak back muscles and makes them stronger.  Start in position #1. Weight evenly distributed on hands and hips. Relax feet. Lift your legs at the same time squeezing […]

Are you AWAKE & ALIVE?

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Do you ever wonder where some people get all that energy to do all these “things in life” and do them well?  Do you ever say to yourself, “Self, I am not alive inside, something is missing!”?  I hear it a lot. People are not pleased at where they are in life, something is missing. […]