partner exercises

Partner Exercises

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Social Interaction is an important part of our everyday lives that we take for granted.  We interact with others either at the office, grocery store, out for a walk, at the gym, driving in the car or even on the phone or Internet. Just by chatting or leaving a comment on a blog is communication. […]

45 Minute Don’t Get Bored Workout No Equipment Needed

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 45-Minute Total Body: Don’t Get Bored Workout: No Equipment Needed (option to repeat circuits)  Go through each circuit as fast as possible only resting 60 seconds in between circuits by grabbing some water and slowing down breathing. I have been asked to show some of my “Hotel Workouts” and “At Home Workouts”, you know, the kind […]

Some Health Foods Aren’t Healthy!

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We have all heard too much of anything, even a good thing, isn’t good for us.  Well, that can also be said about health food…WHAT?!  Some health food really isn’t that healthy after all. Take raisins for example. If eaten too often and in larger quantities these little snacks can become a huge burden. Raisins […]