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5 Deep & Transforming Strategies to Make your Life More Awesome

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We all deserve a healthy thriving life – regardless of our circumstances, but our current health circumstances (mental or physical) can steal our joy and hold us hostage (too busy, too fat, not enough time, no energy, too unforgiving, too bitter, bad genetics, nutrition frustrations).  If you’ve sought out self help books, health programs, blogs, personal trainers, wellness and life coaches or […]


Questions About Dying

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          There are numerous questions about what happens when someone dies.  Some of these questions are answered with a thought, a rumor, an old wives tale, or given with false hope.  I had an acquaintance who told me my grandma was now an angel after she passed and she would be […]

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Don’t Push Back Those Calories

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By skimping on breakfast and eating low calories or sugary carbs (like a packaged muffin, bagel, or protein bar) you are pushing back your caloric intake to later in the day. By lunch time most people realize they are getting hungry, but know enough sense to not over eat and destroy their diet (plus they […]