25 Minute Interval Training – All Levels

Here is an intense 20 – 30 minute Interval Cardio Workout – no matter your level and no equipment needed. You can do this one anywhere and anytime. Most anyone can do these exercises, especially if you modify to your ability. Don’t get frustrated if you can’t do them all the first time. Put on some motivating Christian Music (I like Skillet for this workout, my fav song is Awake and Alive), have fun!
Beginner try each exercise for 1 set through and see how you feel
Intermediate try each exercise and then run through it again

Advanced try all advanced moves for 3 full sets

* Before starting please warm up your heart a little with a few jumping jacks or high knee marching followed by light stretching of major muscles.  Drink water in between each exercise group and don’t forget to stretch when finished (check out the stretching section).

Interval #1

Gotta love the feeling after a good workout. One of my favorite high intensity moves is the Star Jump. The first few I can really get some air, but by the end I am only inches off the ground. Add a few of these splashed in to your workouts here and there and see how many calories you will burn!
 Star Jumps
Starting in a squatting position, jump off ground as high as you can in a star. Snap legs back down to starting position and immediately repeat. Try as many as you can for 3 sets! (Goal is 20 for the advanced.) Rest for 15-30 seconds in between sets.
Trainer Tip:
Make sure when you land that your knees are soft and back is neutral, not slouching.
 Interval #2
Good Old Fashioned Mountain Climbers aren’t everyone’s fav, but if you don’t do them every day you’ll see the benefits of sprinkling these in your workouts too – and might possibly grow to like them.

Easier: One Legged Mt. Climbers  Start in squatting position. Take one foot back and forth quickly for 30 seconds. Switch legs and repeat on opposite leg. Try 3 sets with 15-30 sec of rest in between each set.

Mt. Climbers Start in plank   position and hop one foot or knee forward switching in air and landing with the other foot forward. Continue back and forth 30-60 seconds for 3 sets. Rest 15-30 seconds in between sets.
Interval #3
 Speed Skaters

Start in standing position and bend over and touch one foot with opposite hand. Immediately switch and stepping to the other side (perform hoping motion for advanced). 
Go back and forth as quick as you can with speed for 30-60 seconds for 3 sets. Rest in between each set 15-30 seconds.

Interval #4
Love these Donkey Kicks, but make sure you start these when your heart rate is LOW.  Never invert your body if your heart rate is still high.
Double Donkey Kicks After your heart rate is low, start similar to a downward facing dog pose (pictured left). Push off with your toes, leaving hands on floor to bear the weight of your body. Bend your knees as if to kick yourself in the rear. Beginners won’t go as high. Even a few inches off the floor will get your heart rate high.
Landing is important, make sure you have a slight bend in your knees, then take off again. (Make it easier by only doing one leg at a time)
This exercise pictured to the right is obviously a more advanced move. Remember, just getting off the floor is a little more each time is progress.  Do what you can and work up to your level.  Great for the arms, back and legs not to mention and intense cardio rush. Continue back and forth 30-60 seconds for 3 sets. Rest 15-30 seconds in between sets.
Trainer Tip:
When finished go to all fours, like a cat, before standing. Sometimes you can get light headed if you pop right up after inverted poses.
* If pregnant or heart issues skip this exercise.

Let me know how you liked it or need alternative moves, questions, just email me 
Photographer: Shawn Riemers

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