Pre-Workout Foods
I’ve been asked so many times what the best foods to eat prior to a workout would be.  My response, depends on what you will be doing and when. 

Generally speaking, a CLEAN small snack or meal is all you need prior to a good workout.  Could be within the hour to even 15 minutes prior.   Either way – eat something rather than nothing.
This is a great chart. Simple.

Post-Workout Foods
What should we consume after a hard workout?  Protein AND carbs.  Most will skip the carbs and grab a powder protein mix and add water, then run out the door and on to the next thing the day beholds. But if you have undergone metabolic stress (overloading your muscles to the point where they are shaking or feel weak) you need to replenish not only proteins, but also carbs. We are to eat between 40-60% carbs in a given day remember. 
General  guidelines: liquid protein and clean carbs.  A protein drink is always useful, as long as the protein choice is a good one.

Notice how there aren’t any “packaged items” in these options. I don’t do the protein bar option when there are simple clean foods available.  I realize sometimes we want to have a treat when we are done.  We worked hard and should reward ourselves, right?
Right! However, we should reward ourselves with clean choices.  Ask yourself, “Am I ready to wreck my workout with a calorie-filled trip to Starbucks?”

Don’t Waste Your Workout!  Your body is a temple and should be used and treated to the best of your ability.   Exercise, eat clean, and feel a sense of accomplishment when you have given God your best effort!

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