Instead of making a New Years list of things to do and not do, here are some tasks that will add up in the end that work great for me and my clients.  Take baby steps and start with one, then once that is mastered, add another, etc.  Before too long these little accomplishments will bring much satisfaction in the end and become a life style -without ever using the word “DIET”.  These will target your entire physical, mental, social, emotional, spiritual being.

1.  Put together a meal plan with a little more whole foods like oatmeal, eggs (any way you like them), and as many veggies as you can eat, limited fruits. Cottage cheese, nut butters (peanut, almond, etc).. 

2. Try to eat 5 small meals. So basically when you are hungry- eat!  Just don’t eat too much. 

3. Never eat over the size of your hand. 

4. Record everything you eat for accountability. 

5. Stay out of kitchen. 

6. Pray continually for activity that takes your mind away from food, eating, and the kitchen. 

7. Ask people for great recipes, then make them. 

8. Write health goals that are realistic. A sample could be: 
drop one pound this week by eating one less treat per day, 
no seconds on a meal, 
drink 10 glasses of water a day 
walk/run/exercise 4 days to a point of sweating

9. Write out your exercise calendar for the week and stick to it. If you plans change for the next week, create a new week exercise calendar.

10. Don’t gossip.

11. Post quotes in places you will actually read them that encourage and lift you up.

12.  Read one new Proverbs everyday of the month.

13.  Join a Bible Study.

14.  Read at least 1 book a month.

15.  Never sell yourself out.  Don’t say you can’t, say you tried!

16.  Hug at least one person a day.

17.  Do one random act of kindness per week and write them down so you can remember at the end of the year how many lives you personally touched – without anyone knowing.

18.  If you find yourself being jealous of someone else, complement that very person, and then complement yourself.

19.  Find an accountability partner and then be accountable daily, every other day or weekly.

20.  Pick a race like a 5K, half marathon, local walk for a cause, mud race or something physical to strive for.

If you do any of these let others know!  There are so many we can do, add to the list if you want below.

Blessings on your new year!

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