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Arm Yourself For Fit & Faithful Living

This book is loaded with meal plans, recipes, and a slew of workout training programs, but the true reason for this book is not to engage in another diet or workout.

This book goes deep to identify and fix the culprits that are behind the true assaults on our bodies – which sometimes have nothing to do with food or exercise.

Choose Your Time-Frame

You can study this book in 2 ways!


Perfect for Summer or a shorter time-frame.

The book calls for 14-weeks to really digest this study, but many churches or book clubs meet half that time.

There are 7 sections. Complete each section in 1 week. Discuss 2 chapters each meeting.

Schedule 7-weeks to meet together.

Schedule a walk or fitness class AFTER your meeting.

Each meeting can last from 30 minutes to one hour.


Great for those with more time to make it stick.

Some have the time to embrace a 14-week study. Honestly, it takes time to make any health journey stick for the long haul.

There are 7 sections & 14 chapters. Complete one chapter per week.

Schedule 14-weeks to meet together.

Schedule a walk or fitness class AFTER your meeting.

Each meeting can last from 30 minutes to one hour.

The Book Set Up

Read Chapter One before you meet for the first time. This will give you material to discuss at your first meeting. You can meet anywhere; a park, church, your couch, or the library.


What's Inside


If you are a regular walker, a member of the YMCA, or CrossFit – don’t change it!  This study doesn’t require you to change the way you exercise unless you want to.

There are lots of options for any age in the book in case you don’t have a plan.  Maybe you want to just walk or stretch – that’s in there. If you train for marathons and adventure racing – don’t worry, there are programs in there for you too.

nutrition plans & education

For those who are newbies or are already are a master of nutrition,  get a boost, fresh ideas, or basic education. There are plenty of new things to learn in the Treasure Chest (tons of resources in the back of the book).

emotional & mental health

This section is truly the biggest obstacle for most women that I’ve met. Jealousy, emotional depression, moments of insecurity, frustrations, worry, doubt, fears, anxieties, or things they’d like to tackle on the inside of their heart. All these areas have a focus in this study – with support and accountability.  

Social & spiritual health

If you have relationship drama, hurts, pride, bitterness, fallouts, hangups, messy stuff you’d like to focus on, or just freshen up on things in your heart, you’ll get your chance to go as deep as the Lord calls. 

There are bi-weekly health challenges throughout the book to help you divide them up and tackle on your time frame. 

How Do I Start?

  1. Before you begin your study, find accountability:
    1. Meet in a larger group such as your church or book club – details here for a large group study.
    2. Meet in a small group of 2-4.
  2. Decide how long you will meet to finish your study:
    1. 7 weeks
    2. 14-weeks 
  3. Decide on a day and time to meet each week.
  4. Read Chapter One before the first meeting.
    1. This will prepare you for your first gathering together.
    2. All these details are in the book on the opening pages.


Here are some social media images to share to get your group excited. If you need additional ones, please feel free to make your own too!

For Summer church/group
14-week Summer church/group
14-week Summer church/group
14-week partner
Partners, small group or church
14-week partners or group
14-week general promotion
7-week Summer church/group
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When You Finish!

After you finish the study, you will want this clear 3-inch circle decal. It will remind you of everything you learned every time you see your decal in.

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