Arm Yourself Week 5

Arm Yourself Christian Fitness Courses are a FUN exercise program with a Christian Inspirational focus.  If you live in the area (Quad Cities, IA) and want to join us for the next session please email me. We are opening it up to children and men – families are welcomed to come and exercise together, but you can always come solo this next session (more dates and info on it to come).  We are also going on the road and offering it to other churches. If interested in hosting one, please contact

Not all are pictured, but here are a few who attended today!

Every class & week had a focus. First week we looked at our spiritual health and read along through the booklet and tackled some fantastic avenues coupled with our fitness program. From our Interval Cardio class to Christian Yoga, Christian Hip Hop, Kick Boxing, Pilates, Boot Camp and Aerobics we covered our bases with different styles of exercise/classes.

Interval Cardio Class
Pilates Class
We had a little guest one day…Christian Yoga was a delight for this youngster!

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