Arm yourself with the tools you need to stand string and win your battle. People can make all the lists they want when it comes to New Year Resolutions, but do they ever follow through?

Attention Women:
If you are serious about your health and want to make a difference in overall with your physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual body then join Arm Yourself. You can do this physically in my classes or online through the fitness videos and Arm Yourself Booklet.
You don’t have to live int eh QCA to join in on the fun, we are bringing it to you via the web. The booklet that comes with the program is really the most important part. * Guys can even join in on the fun, they will probably be challenged by some workouts, but the booklet and the videos at this point are geared towards women.
Coming January 7th, 2012 the web site will be open to start your journey!
If you want to participate in the Arm Yourself Class in Eldridge coming this Saturday, the class is almost full. There is still room as of today. I will post when it is closed. 

God Bless everyone on their New Year Adventure!

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