The 5 Most Important Practices For Tween Relationships It's Common-and Parents Can Help

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To parents or older siblings, tweens sometimes can come across cold, depressed, immature, and tons of other crazy personalities, which is why we need to encourage them and love them unconditionally. However, the most important practice is to get them talking at a deeper level. Current handling of tween relationships is the cornerstone for their […]

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To Peek or Not to Peek at Your Tween’s Social Media The Difference Between Spying and Responsibility

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Is it a privacy taboo to peek at your tween’s social media or is it more of your responsibility as a parent? This is a debated question you may have already answered in your mind, but is it right for you? Is it really peeking or responsibility? This is a discussion of privacy versus responsibility.  Peeking […]

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“Sarah Hansel has been my inspiration on my fitness journey.  She leads by example with daily exercise and healthy eating and has taught me a great deal about living the “fit” life.  As a woman who travels for work and eats out (sometimes 3 meals per day) I struggle to maintain weight.  And I also […]