This was a quick video I made for a friend.  She loves it so much she told me to post it to youtube.  The quality wasn’t meant to go online, but, I think you’ll like the exercises.

Warm Up Muscles – 2-5 minutes prior to starting these videos (jog in place, jumping jacks, full body stretching).

You can start with the standing video Part 1. If you would like to start without using bands at first, you can try it again the next time using them.

You can always try these without using the bands at first.

Here are some cues to try them without the video. You can also can also print this page here: SimpleBottomCoreWorkout

  1.  Warm Up Muscles – 2-5 minutes prior to starting exercises (jog in place, jumping jacks, full body stretching)
  2. Perform 2-3 sets
  3. 15-20 of each exercise, on  each leg.*Trainer Tips: If you can only perform 2 sets of 12 don’t push it for the 3rd set.  Baby steps are better than making yourself too sore. If you generally don’t ‘feel’ an exercise by rep 8, then you need to adjust your form, add weights or a band, or add additional reps or sets. Usually squeezing the muscles, going slower, making a move more deliberate will help a lot.  Don’t rush and don’t mindlessly go through your workout.

Inner Thigh Leg Lifts: Band Optional

inner thigh leg liftsLay on a mat on one side. Bring up one leg, so foot is flat on the floor in front of you. Flex the bottom foot and lift up and down. Make it harder: add a leg weight, pulse it higher up, double time the speed or slow it down.



Hamstrings & Glutes: Band Optional

hamstring glutes, band optional

On all fours, bend one leg and lift the knee up and down. Try different movements with the leg. Kick out to the side, rotate circle, take leg straight out in the back, rainbow the leg over to the side, etc.




Bottom & Back: Kickers

Back & Glutes Core

Lay on your stomach and cross your hands on top of each other. Lay your chin on your hands. Slowly pick up your legs and kick like you are swimming. Release the muscles in your upper back. Allow your lower half to do the work. *A lot of my classes enjoy this one!



Obliques: Twistersobliques

Lift your hips slightly off the ground, arms flat by your sides, and cross your legs.  Slowly turn your hips towards your ribs in a side to side motion.  * This exercise is not for those with a weak or tender back.




Inner/Outer Thighs & Hips: Band Optional

inner thigh and hips

(Take a resistance band and tie around ankles that are together. Walk back and forth with the feet, 2 steps to side then back, forward or backward. Make it harder: Squat even lower while doing the same exercises.)



Abs: Flat Crunches


Laying on your back, take your fingers behind your ears for support and place one heel on opposite toes.  Slowly go up and down as you tuck the chin nd breathe out as you lift. Push your lower back in the floor as you lift your chest up – your head is along for the ride. *Performing these slow will intensify the exercise.


Quads, Glutes, Inner/Outer Thigh: Plie Squats

inner thigh

Squat with toes pointed out slightly, swoop arms down to ground while squatting and then swoop them up when coming to standing position. Make it harder: add toes up on right leg only, then switch, then try both toes up.





Glutes, Quads: Froggersglutes and quads

Jump or tap the ground like a frog while keeping head above hips. Use flexibility. Make it harder: Bring arms all the way up overhead when jumping/standing.