Broccoli, Cabbage & Carrots – Fat Burning Foods!

Broccoli, Cabbage and Carrots are more fat burning foods to add to your regular diet.


You might not believe this, but broccoli is America’s favorite vegetable according to a recent poll. No wonder. A cup of cooked broccoli has a mere 44 calories. It delivers a staggering nutritional payload and is considered the number one cancer-fighting vegetable. It has no fat, loads of fiber, cancer fighting chemicals called indoles, carotene, 21 times the RDA of vitamin C and calcium.
So after that huge payout…what is holding you back? The taste, the texture?
When you’re buying broccoli, pay attention to the color. The tiny florets should be rich green and free of yellowing. Stems should be firm and make sure there aren’t any tiny bugs…easy to see with the naked eye.  You will want to try to eat broccoli fresh if possible, but frozen is okay too.  It is just harder to verify the freshness of it until you open the bag and begin to thaw. Steamed is better than microwave and it is also better than boiling it. Have you tried Broccoli-Slaw? We’ll get that recipe out soon.


Cabbage is a true wonder food. There are only 33 calories in a cup of cooked shredded cabbage, and it retains all its nutritional goodness no matter how long you cook it – can’t say that for most vegetables. Eating cabbage raw (18 calories per shredded cup), cooked, as sauerkraut (27 calories per drained cup) or coleslaw (calories depend on dressing) only once a week is enough to protect against colon cancer. And it may be a longevity-enhancing food. Surveys in the United States, Greece and Japan show that people who eat a lot of it have the least colon cancer and the lowest death rates overall.  Very interesting statistics.


What list of health-promoting, fat-fighting foods would be complete without these easy to carry and eat veggies? A medium-sized carrot carries about 55 calories and is a nutritional powerhouse. The orange color comes from beta-carotene, a powerful cancer preventing nutrient (provitamin A). I found a comparison with the eyes and carrots. If you cut a carrot and look at the inside of the circl and, the resembles an eyeball. This is a strong sign from God that these carrots are super good for the eyes – how cool is that?
Chop and toss them with pasta, grate them into rice or add them to a stir-fry. Combine them with parsnips, oranges, raisins, lemon juice, chicken, potatoes, broccoli or lamb to create flavorful dishes. Spice them with tarragon, dill, cinnamon or nutmeg. Add finely chopped carrots to soups and spaghetti sauce, they impart a natural sweetness without adding sugar. You will be amazed at what you can put carrots in. Raw is best, but if yo cook them, steam them. It will keep more of the good stuff instead of boiling them.

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