One Serving of Mac & Cheese or TWO?

So if this was your measuring stick to decide how much total fat you are allowed to have in one day, check out what happens when you eat 1 more cup of a mac and cheese dinner. It doubles the amount of fat and calories.

So if Mac and cheese dinner is on the menu for tonight…think 1 cup instead of 2. You have to have portion control so it doesn’t control you. This is hard to hear and hard to control. If you can’t do it yourself, then ask God to help you. Pray and ask Him to give you the desire to choose differently. Have an accountability partner to help you slow down the serving size.

A Good general rule: Keep the size of food on your 
dinner plate that of your entire outstretched hand (no larger).

There is another section on this blog where I talk about writing things down. It’s so important to track your calories if you are suffering from over eating or letting portion control, control you.
Get a notebook out and write down the total calories and total fat you are consuming. Try it for 1 week. Ask someone to help you check off on it (sign off on it) and keep you accountable to not go over your desired caloric intake for the day.

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