45 Minute Don’t Get Bored Workout No Equipment Needed

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 45-Minute Total Body: Don’t Get Bored Workout: No Equipment Needed (option to repeat circuits)  Go through each circuit as fast as possible only resting 60 seconds in between circuits by grabbing some water and slowing down breathing. I have been asked to show some of my “Hotel Workouts” and “At Home Workouts”, you know, the kind […]

Features Exercise: Roll Outs

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Try these Roll Outs on for size.  You can modify this exercise to make it easier or a lot more advanced.  Rolls outs are a very useful exercise because it torches your back side. I use this a lot in classes and with clients to tone up those trouble spots.  Start with heels on the […]

Featured Exercise – Bottom’s Up

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Featured Exercise: Bottom’s Up Try this one on for size…here is a Bottom’s Up Exercise that will target your bottom’s up through the core. It takes those weak back muscles and makes them stronger.  Start in position #1. Weight evenly distributed on hands and hips. Relax feet. Lift your legs at the same time squeezing […]