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Carb Cycling Plan Recipes for the 40-Day Plan

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Carb Cycling 40-Day Fat Loss Recipes Below are the recipes for the Carb Cycling 40-Day Lifestyle Plan.  If you missed the detailed plan with tips, tricks, and meal plans for this, take a peek here: 40-Day Carb Cycling Plan Printable Page FLUSH DAY RECIPES Below is the meal plans for the Flush Days. If you need […]

The 5 Most Important Practices For Tween Relationships It's Common-and Parents Can Help

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To parents or older siblings, tweens sometimes can come across cold, depressed, immature, and tons of other crazy personalities, which is why we need to encourage them and love them unconditionally. However, the most important practice is to get them talking at a deeper level. Current handling of tween relationships is the cornerstone for their […]

Summer Nutrition Challenge

Nutrition Challenge: 25 Options To Choose With 5 Bonus Free Meal Plans

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GET YOUR RESOLUTION NUTRITION CHALLENGE FREE A Resolution Nutrition Challenge is easier than you think with this FREE 30-day option plan.  Nutrition is sometimes easier than one in exercise. We HAVE to eat to live…but don’t have to go to the gym to survive.  Sometimes daily living gets us up and moving enough to keep […]

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Don’t Ditch the Egg Yokes! Eating the Whole Egg is Far Superior

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By Sarah Hansel, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer Why on earth would someone have an egg white omelet to increase their health? If you think eggs are loaded with cholesterol or are trying to reduce your calories, you might think again after reading the facts. 1. Cholesterol is NOT the Problem “Eggs do not […]

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Over 40? Lifting is the New Running Stop running yourself ragged and start building health

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Proof if You are Over 40 to Get OFF The Treadmill The more continuing ed I read, the more articles and books I research the more the evidence is piling up that many days of long bouts of straight cardio should be a thing of the past. Not only does it release free-radicals that make […]