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To Peek or Not to Peek at Your Tween’s Social Media The Difference Between Spying and Responsibility

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Is it a privacy taboo to peek at your tween’s social media or is it more of your responsibility as a parent? This is a debated question you may have already answered in your mind, but is it right for you? Is it really peeking or responsibility? This is a discussion of privacy versus responsibility.  Peeking […]

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Arm Yourself For Fit & Faithful Living

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In this 14-week whole health journey, you will discover the following: How to arm yourself against internal health battles How connected your spiritual life is to your health How to stop jealousy or emotional merry-go-rounds How to be successful in planning meals and exercise How friendships can flourish instead of flounder Start an Arm Yourself […]

Join Me in my 30-Day Resolution Nutrition Challenge It's FREE!

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You have a way cool friend who thinks you will join them in a Resolution Nutrition Challenge. All you have to do is sign up (for FREE)! What’s Included: You’ll get a FREE 30-Day Nutrition e-Book loaded with 26 different nutrition challenges, 5 different EASY meal plans, daily devotionals sent to your inbox for the […]