Summer Water Shred Get the details for sign ups this summer

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What Is WATER SHRED? Summer is time for outside fun, including exercise. Water exercise is rated as one of the TOP exercise regimes you can do for your body—regardless of age. Water Shred is a class unlike others. These group classes are 45 minutes and include warmup, cardio, strength, flexibility, balance, stretching, toning, endurance, nutritional […]

Simply Walking A plan to lose weight without running or jogging

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Walking is the targeted way to lose weight – NO MATTER WHAT AGE. If you have weight to actually lose, this is a great alternative to running or jogging. Walking is considered one of the best forms of exercise (along with swimming, biking, and fitness classes). This is because it is the most functional and […]

Blue carb cycling

Carb Cycling Plan Recipes for the 40-Day Plan

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Carb Cycling 40-Day Fat Loss Recipes Below are the recipes for the Carb Cycling 40-Day Lifestyle Plan.  If you missed the detailed plan with tips, tricks, and meal plans for this, take a peek here: 40-Day Carb Cycling Plan Printable Page FLUSH DAY RECIPES Below is the meal plans for the Flush Days. If you need […]

Summer Nutrition Challenge

Join the 30-Day Nutrition Challenge Don't Forget to Have Accountability

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  This 30-day nutrition challenge is for everyone! It’s a super easy approach because YOU can pick the challenge that fits your needs best, after all, this is about you and your nutritional needs. So don’t worry, I won’t ask you to eat anything you don’t really want to – you can choose.   HOW TO […]

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Are You Wasting Time Working Out? Are You a Treadmill Runner?

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People are literally wasting their time working out – especially if it’s just cardio. Before we go any further, healthy nutrition is the best and fastest way to a healthier body. Exercise is only a small portion – 20% at most.  If you honestly want to get healthy and lose weight, make sure your nutrition is […]

Puffy or Feeling Bloated? Reduce Inflammation

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It feels so good to NOT be bloated. It’s like your clothes fit better and you truly feel good about putting those jeans on and tucking in your shirt…but it’s totally another thing when this is not the case. When your body is in a chronic state of inflammation, it can have serious effects on […]

4 Ways to Reduce Leaky Gut & Gut Yeast – and How to Fix It

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If you are feeling many of the following symptoms, you may have what they call LEAKY GUT or YEAST BELLY. fatigue chemical sensitivity lack of energy upset bowels bloating rectal itching bladder issues stomach irritant thyroid issues constipation low immune system digestive issues feeling lousy there are actually more… We have good bacteria in our gut, […]

Meal Plans that Transform – FREE Webinar!

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Meal Planning is an easy place to start to give our health a good kick in the pants…but why is it so important to our overall health? We’ve all seen it before…we get super hungry because we pushed off those calories to so late in the day that we are absolutely FAMISHED and our mind thinks […]