Challenging your core can be done in a few ways.  And for starters it all depends on your current fitness ability.  You are either beginner, intermediate or advanced. Choose your level wisely…you can always progress through the challenges. I’ll post more frequently!IMG_9939

This is me after 12 classes of the advanced core workouts. I didn’t start off too bad, but I didn’t do anything else except increase my core workouts.

I already eat clean (I don’t eat the digestive destroyers: diet soda, azodicarbonamide (the bleaching agent in our breads), sugary drinks (like starbucks), alcohol) more on this in another blog post…

Beginner Core Challenge: You can do a plank for no more than 10 seconds on your knees. You can’t do a full plank yet. You possibly have a back or neck issue – or are trying to make them stronger.

Intermediate Core Challenge: You can do a full plank for more than 30 seconds. You do not have back or neck issues.

Advanced Core Challenge: You can hold a plank for more than 1 minute pretty easy. You don’t have back or neck issues.