Don’t Push Back Those Calories

Don’t Push Back Those Calories

By skimping on breakfast and eating low calories or sugary carbs (like a packaged muffin, bagel, or protein bar) you are pushing back your caloric intake to later in the day. By lunch time most people realize they are getting hungry, but know enough sense to not over eat and destroy their diet (plus they are so busy they don’t have time for a normal lunch so they eat at their desk).  A salad or sandwich does the trick.  If you have successfully made it thus far with a granola bar for breakfast and a light salad (or no) lunch…

You SHOULD BE starving!

You just pushed back so many calories you could have consumed that your ravenous state will make you do things you don’t want to do.  Most likely you will be exhausted and overeat later in the evening—and you won’t be able to burn it off before bed.

Trainer Tip:

There are two health options for eating better.  Eat higher calories and the majority of your carbs at breakfast and lunch or never skip a meal and eat 5-6 smaller meals during the day.  

If you want to lose any type of body fat and have no idea your caloric intake for the week, this is a red flag and should be a first step.  Here is a sample breakdown of calories you could be spreading out:


Breakfast Snack Lunch Snack Dinner Snack TOTAL
400 200 500 200 500 100 1900
400 100 400 300 400 100 1700
400 100 400 100 400 100 1500
400 100 500 200 300 1500
350 550 100 300 1300

God is always up to something.  He also is very mathematical – everything He does has order, reason, and purpose. The calorie combinations are endless with choices, but notice how the breakfast is higher calories than the average person would normally consume. It is VERY hard to get this many calories in at first, but you CAN do it and you will see huge benefits from it later  Think: HIGH carbs, FRUIT and liquids in the morning. Fruit in the morning will help regulate your sugar cravings later—don’t push this back to the end of the day. Breakfast still is the most important meal.

ACTION STEP:  Make changes in the timing of your caloric intake for 2-4 weeks.  Write it on your calendar and make a point to NEVER skip a meal these next 2-4 weeks.  You can do this because greater is He who is on the inside than he who is in the world -1 John 4:4.  



Having six children in six years and a husband that supports me in all I do, has given me much to live for. However, the reason why I live is because of Jesus. I can’t imagine going a day without the hope He gives and the freedom for which my soul and spirit can thrive. After receiving my bachelors from ORU in O/I COM, I decided to get more training to hone my skills. I am a certified personal trainer, multi-certified fitness instructor, wellness and life coach. Most of us know a rock solid workout and nutrition plan isn’t going to make us healthy – there is way more to the equation. I’m here to help sift it out and challenge you to find your peace, calling, desires, and purpose in life through every avenue of your being; physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, and social all through a Godly perspective. If you have an inward desire to totally transform your inner health along side the physical, grab your sneakers and tighten up your laces because you are about to embark on a journey like nothing you’ve experienced – if you allow it to happen.

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