Dreaming in Black and White or Color?

There are times in our lives when God gives us glimpses of His intervention and other times when it seems He is no where to be found.
I recently have seen God’s hand in my life more than usual. I can honestly say I have seen my inner drive flourish when I spend good – QUALITY time with God. Let me explain…

When you wake up in the morning, do you ever feel like the dream you just awoke from was real? Sometimes I get confused and have to really think as to if the dream I just had really happened. I think about it all morning and ponder what the dream meant, experience the feelings I and emotions that went along with it.  Most of my dreams are vivid color with full aromas and beautiful sounds. Sometimes I feel there is background music. Rarely do I remember a dream that is in black and white. I really am not sure why this is, nor can I give an answer as to why this is, but I do know God does communicate with me in my dreams.
About 3 months ago I remember a dream where I was in a church service and yelling out names of God. I said God is “Awesome!”  Now I know that there are numerous names of God given in the Bible, but I don’t remember ever reading a specific verse, God is Awesome. When I awoke I remember thinking to myself about this dream and where in the Bible could this verse be, if one existed.
So, this is the cool part, I went to the kitchen and make my cup of coffee (yes, I love a warm cup in the winter when I wake up!) and  sat down and opened my Bible. The FIRST verse in the Bible that I just “happened to turn to” was Palms 47:2 …it read…” for the Lord Most High is Awesome!”.  Cool, huh?

Of course this is exciting to me. I actually giggled out loud and told God He was Awesome. A few more times God spoke to me in dreams. The people I dream about just happen to call me out of the blue, or I just happen to run in to them at the store. Just happen to, right? Wrong. God speaks to us in our dreams. He did over and over in the Bible and He still does today.  My great Friend Jill Jorgensen, my CBS Teaching Director, told me, “Coincidences are when God acts anonymously.” This is so true! Coincidences are really God’s intervention.

So how does this all relate to our health? If you just happen to see someone who has been popping in your mind, or dreams, stop what you are doing and go to that person. It’s not a coincidence that you just happen to be at the same place at the same time after God has brought that person to your dreams or mind.  Listen to the Holy Spirit inside you. Listen to God in your dreams. Ask Him what He is telling or showing you. 

Oh, and for those who don’t remember a thing about their dreams, or if they are black and white, ask God to show you vivid color with full aromas and beautiful sounds in your dreams. Ask Him to help you remember them when you wake. I don’t remember my dreams everyday, but the ones I do remember, it’s no coincidence when some unfold in the days and weeks to come.  It’s all God!

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