Featured Exercise – Deep Curtsey Lunge

Here is a fun exercise, of course I think it’s fun because it’s a butt blaster. Great for those hips, thighs and glutes regardless if you are man or woman – this is for us both!
Build strength and endurance in that bottom half: Deep Curtsey Lunge

Starting off in a deep squat, push your hips back and place your elbows on your knees. Engage your core by pulling it in and taking pressure off your back. Roll shoulders back.
Perform singles by starting off on exercise #1, going to #2 then to #3.  Repeat for 12 full sets.
Make it harder:
Starting in exercise #1, pulse for 8 counts in the deep squat. Then go to #2 and pulse 8 counts, back to exercise #1 for another set of 8 pulses in a deep squat before going to exercise #3 and pulsing for 8 counts. Go for 12 full sets (middle, side, middle, side = 1 set) pulsing 8 times for each move. See how you are feeling after the 12 sets and try to repeate it 2 more times!
This is a great one to try 3 times per week. Skip a day in between to let your body rest before you tackle it again.
* As with any exercise make sure you are approved by your Doctor to participate in such exercises. Also, if you ever feel any pain when doing and exercise stop. It’s okay to be uncomfortable, but you shouldn’t feel pain or sharp pulling.

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