Features Exercise: Roll Outs

Try these Roll Outs on for size.  You can modify this exercise to make it easier or a lot more advanced.  Rolls outs are a very useful exercise because it torches your back side. I use this a lot in classes and with clients to tone up those trouble spots.
 Start with heels on the ball, back neutral on the mat.  

Take a deep breath in and as you start then exhale as you roll the ball out to position #2.

Repeat the two moves.

(Advanced Roll Out Beginning Position)
Beginner: 3 sets of 8
Intermediate: 3 sets of 12

Roll Outs Advanced
Start by lifting one leg. Make sure you take a large breath in when you start and as you breathe out roll the ball out keeping hips high (stationary).
You can point or flex feet for variations.

Advanced: 3-5 sets of 12 of each

Roll Outs Advanced+
Take hips off the ground (make it easier: keep them on the ground).  The heels should be on the outside of the ball instead of on the top. Breathe in as you start and exhale as you roll the ball out.
Keeping the feet on the outside of the ball, roll until legs are straight, then back in to #1.
Advanced: 3-5 sets of 12 of each


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