Go-To List

What do you ‘go-to’ when you are hungry, bored or just feel like eating something?  

(Oh baby, it’s probably not the best…)  

A Go-TO List is a short list of things you have on hand most days. They are foods you can run to when you are hungry and don’t know what to eat. They will save you from the issues of stuffing your face with other poor options. This is one of the easiest action steps you can do – and it will only take you about 2 minutes to create your list!

Here are a few of mine that I rotate through pending the different seasons.

If you notice I have a fruit, vegetable, something crunchy, something protein based and something salty.  This list helps me when I’m bored and really don’t have an agenda in the kitchen. It helps me focus on what I should be eating, yet still gives me choices – so I don’t feel stuck thinking I only have to eat vegetables.

Record your top 5 favorite GOOD FOR YOU foods that you normally have around the house.  

go to list summer


Choose 5 fresh-food

got to list winter


think dry, wet, and smooth

go to list apples


choose salty, sweet and girthy

go to list oranges


Find immune-boosting choices