Go-To-Lists Can Help Cut Down Your Stress!

go to list apple pict

We swing in fast food, turn to the gas station or stave off our hunger pangs until we can get something later.  I’m sure it sounds familiar.  The Go-To-List is an easy tool you can add to arm yourself against the nutritional attacks of busyhood.

Make a list of 5 foods you generally have on hand that aren’t bad for you.  It’s pretty simple.  Now if I put baby carrots on my list, it might sound good now, but later when I want something salty, it’s not going to cut it.  This is why you can choose 5 foods that are different.  One sweet, one sour, one salty, one crunchy, one smooth.  This list can also change with seasons: Winter and Spring or soccer or football season, etc.

When it’s Winter, I have a completely different list from Summer. This will enable me to not get bored with my list and – or head back into old habits.

Let’s see what you come up with. It’s nice to share ideas – you all have tons of good ones!

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