Complete Body Workouts

grab-and-go quick workouts

These are a grab and go type of plans that can last up to 15-minutes or longer. Save to your phone or pin it for later.  Then you’ll have access to them whenever you are ready to rock-n-roll! These free total body workouts include exercising the heart and lungs, core, upper and lower limbs. 

You’ll even have time to try another routine because they are short and sweet and help you do more in less time – by working your entire body. Work smarter!  Exercise Descriptions are on an alternate page.  

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20-Minute Interval Workout

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8 Circuit Full Body Cardio Workout

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Quick Booty Workout

Boot Camp Circuits

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Boot Camp Cardio

Boot Camp is one of my favorite classes because it gets the ENTIRE body involved in a short amount of time. Here is a quick 5 circuit boot camp class that will make you sweat! If you don’t recognize an exercise, check out the full list of them on my site, or just make up one you like!

A Skips: Skip with your knee up as high as you can, but go BACKWARDS while you skip.

Bear Crawls: Takes you back to PE Class. Get on all 4’s (hands and feet) and walk at least 20 yards and then back.

Burpees: Gotta put these in every boot camp class. Jump up and squat down to touch the ground. Thrust your feet out behind you to a plank position, perform a pushup, then reverse. Do this as fast as you can.

Butt Kicks: Run in place or move around kick your rear as fast as you can!

Crab Walks: On hands and feet but with your rear facing the ground. Keep your hips high and walk.

High Knees: In place or moving around, bring your knees up as fast as you can alternating.

Inch Worms: In a plank position, and keeping your legs as straight as possible the entire time, only bending at the hips, walk your feet in towards your hands, moving like an inchworm until your almost in a folded position and feet and hands are a few inches apart, then walk your hands back out to a plank position. Repeat.

Jump Rope: If you don’t have one, do air rope and pretend.

Jumping Jacks: Try these speed style – go as fast as you can!

Plank High Fives: In a plank position, with a partner or use the wall or air, bring one hand up to give a high five to your partner’s opposite hand while they are also in a plank. Then alternate to the other hand and side. Do this as fast and as high as you can.

Pushups: On your toes or modified on your knees. Pump those puppies out as fast as you can.

Roman Walks: Keeping legs straight, take the opposite arm and swing your right leg up and touch your toes with your left hand. Alternate between the opposite side.

Sea Turtles: Laying flat on the ground, perform a swimmer a few strokes, then push up and hop to your feet in a very low squatted position, like you are on a surfboard. Then go back down and repeat.

Side Shuffle: Take a side shuffle to the left, then back to the right. Continue as fast as possible for the whole minute.

Tricep Dips: In a crab walk position, keeping your feet stationary, bend at the elbows and push back up. If you have a shoulder issue, perform another exercise using triceps.

Squat Thrusts: It’s a burpee without the pushup.

Tricep Dips into Pushups: Perform a tricep dip, then flip over and hit a pushup. Repeat but next time when you flip, flip the other direction to keep it even

Under & Over the Fence: Take a big side step while squatting like you are going UNDER a fence, make sure you bend low to clear it. Then, take a large high sidestep to go OVER the fence. Remeber the back leg needs to clear the fence too!

Seal Crunchers: Laying on your back, bring your feet and chest up to meet each other so you are only on your bottom. Hands can touch those toes or at least try to reach for them. Then reverse it and lay back down.

Boot Camp #2

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Boot Camp #2

This Boot Camp workout is FAST and will take your heart rate to the roof if you want it to. Because this one only takes about 15 minutes, you can try another workout program or repeat it. It’s all up to you!

Jogging: Jog in place or jog somewhere interesting for 1 minute.

Jump Rope: Of course you can always go for double-unders if you want!

Jumping Jacks: Do these as fast as humanly possible and you’ll thank me later.

Climbing Stairs: If you don’t have stairs, use a step and run up and down it as fast as your little legs will carry you.

Cross Country Skiers: Think back to the ‘Jane Fonda Days’ and swing one hand in front with the other leg, with the opposites go the other direction – ah, just like your skiing! Make it speedy.

Fast Squats: Use an added weight or just use your body while going up and down turbo speed. Your quads will love this. Make sure you can see your toes the whole time.

Frog Jumps: If your knees will take it, squat low and jump as far our as you can (like a broad jump) but keep your knees soft and keep going from one jump to the next without stopping. Another favorite love by your quads.

Squat Thrusts: Just like a burpee but without the pushup – whew!

Mt. Climbers: In a plank position, bring one knee to your chest then switch legs with a hopping motion as fast as you can. Keep knees close to the ground.

Burpees: Jump up as high as you can and land in a squat position with hands on the floor. Using your hands to support your body, jump the legs out into a plank position. Perform a pushup. The repeat by coming back to the squatting position and jumping up again.

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Down & Back

This is a simple way to workout. Just start at the top and work your way to the bottom by doing the assigned number of each to the left. Exercises like these should only be performed every other day – not every day. Use different muscle groups instead of the same ones day after day.

Jumping Jacks – try these speed style.

Plie Squats – taking your squat pretty wide, line up your toes with your knees (so they point the same direction – slightly out) then pulse with some vigor for the designated number. Remember to keep your knees behind your toes throughout the entire exercise. This will save your knees!

Alt. Side Lunges – Take a lunge to the side, then alter to the other side. Take 20 on each side for a total of 40. If your knees don’t work as good as they used to, perform a regular back lunge instead. These are safer than forward or side lunges.

Squats: Don’t drop your hips forward, keep them back like you are getting ready to sit down. Then, your knees will line up slightly behind your toes and it will keep it safe.

Donkey Kicks – This is for the very avid exerciser, but can be modified. Put your hands on the ground and slightly bend your legs. Then, kick up one or two legs at the same time, like a little donkey kick. If you kick too high you’ll end up in a handstand (which is fine of course). Repeat this rapidly 20 times.

Burpees – read the definition in the above exercise list.

Squat Thursts – like a Burpee, but without the pushup.

Butt Kickers – When you jog in place, kick your butt with your heels. Do this as fast as you can.

Front Kicks – Kick your legs, alternating them, as high as you can and as fast as you can. 25 on each leg or go for the gold and do 50 each.

Jog High Knees – jog in place by lifting up your knees extra high. Go for speed.