45 Minute Five Circuit Hotel Workout – No Equipment Needed

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Go through each circuit as fast as possible only resting 60 seconds in between circuits. Warm Up: Jog in place or football run for 30 seconds.

Circuit 1: Go through each exercise (advanced – repeat)

  • 20 Jump Squats
  • 30 Plie Squats
  • 5 Staggered Pushups each side – 10 total
  • 10 Lunges each side – 20 total
  • 30 Floor Triceps Dips
  • 20 Reverse Crunches
  • 10 sets Fast Football Run – 10 seconds into 3 Pushups
  • 60 Seconds rest – get water

Circuit 2: Go through each exercise (advanced – repeat)

  • 30 sets Walking Front Kicks
  • 10 Curtsey Lunges each side – 20 total
  • 10 Pushup Plank Exchanges (alternate direction 2nd time)
  • 30 Extended Leg Crunches (on back, hold feet over hips straight up in the air)
  • 60 Seconds of water and a break

Circuit 3: Go through each exercise (advanced – repeat)

  • 30 Sets Rocking Horse (right leg in front, left leg fwd 2nd time through)
  • 30 Sets Side Kicks, alternating legs
  • 10 Right Side Plank Thread the Needle – alternate each time
  • 30 Speed Jacks
  • 60 Seconds water break

 Circuit 4: Go through each exercise (advanced – repeat)

  • 10 Walking Push Ups (5 one way, 5 the other

  • 30 Kick Backwards each leg

  •  60 Arm Speed Bag Jog
  • 60 Seconds rest – get water


    Circuit 5: Go through each exercise (advanced – repeat)

  • 5 Alternate Jump Lunges

  • 30 Traditional Sit Ups4

  • 30 One leg Mt. Climbers

  • 10 Burpees, (squat thrust with push up and hop at end)


  • 5 Deep Breathing Exercises – any
  • Stretch Major Muscles, hold each for 15-30 seconds



Exercise Descriptions

ups & Planks: Whenever doing a push up or plank the key is holding in your core. Squeeze it in and make it tight. Hands generally go under your shoulders. Breath in as you go down and out as you come up and  push, hips down and head & spine neutral. To modify a staggered pushup you can take it to the wall and push off that instead of the floor, or off a chair/couch.

Lunges: Chest high and shoulders back. When lunging forward make sure the front knee doesn’t go past toes, meaning you should see your toes when lunging forward – keep knee over ankle.  Back knee does not need to touch the floor. Breath in and out slowly.

Crunches: Breathing is super important here. Elbows are bent, hands behind your head, hands can cusp your head or lightly hold it if needed.  Elbows should be back so you can’t see them out of the corner of your eyes. Never use your neck to lift, use your chest. Always perform crunches slowly and breathing the entire time from your gut, not your chest. If a certain style crunch hurts your back – usually bending your legs will help take pressure off. Otherwise, if there is pain don’t do the exercise, find an alternate for that exercise.

Heart Rate: If your heart is high, then do not go down to the floor where your hips are higher than your head.  Never perform an inverted position when your heart rate is high. Wait until it lowers before doing these type of exercises.  There is possibility for you to pass out if this is not adhered to.

Tricep Dips: Make sure your fingers are facing your bottom and when you bend your elbows that is the only thing that is moving. Your bottom should remain stationary – meaning do not use your legs to lift you up and down – only elbows. Make sure weight is evenly distributed between hands and feet. If this exercise is too hard don’t go down as far.

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