How Many Calories Per Week Do You Have?

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It’s really important to know what you are putting in your mouth and when.  There are times we mindlessly go about our day and just start tossing things in because we are so hungry.  By now, most of us know this does damage really quickly, but most don’t know how to stop it.

First of all, if we at least have an idea of how many calories we each need and how many calories we each burn off per week, you will be able to at least know how to control our weight.  Notice how I said “we will know how” not to be confused with “we will” control your weight.  That part is all up to if we follow the “know how” or not. 

If you have never tracked your calories before – I totally suggest tracking them. There are countless ways to do this, but my favorite is This is because it will tell us exactly how many calories, vitamins, minerals, macro/micro- nutrients we are/aren’t getting.  It also let’s us team up with other friends to keep us accountable.  Yup, they can see everything we put in our food log – but only if we give them access to.

Let’s Get Personal

The average person consumes the same 20 foods on a normal basis. If you agree with this, then logging in your foods won’t be too hard. For the first week it will seem like it takes FOREVER, but the free app will remember your food choices and within two weeks, you’ll be sailing through your food logs.

Fast forward two weeks. If you look back over your food logs, you’ll also be able to see what things you are deficient in and what things you rock at and get enough of. Yes, it will even show you all those sugars and carbs that might be over the limit too.

At the end of the week you can track how many calories you were supposed to eat, how many calories you actually ate, and how many calories you burned.  Calorie consumption doesn’t lie.  You either lose, maintain, or gain weight and there are reasons for each.

PROBLEM; 3,500 calories = 1 pound

Let’s say I’m supposed to eat 1700 calories/day or 11,900/week

But, I actually eat 2000 calories/day x 7 days = 14,000 calories/week

And, I burn off 600 calories per workout x 5 days = 3,000 calories per week 

The total calories for the week equal 11,000

ANSWER; 3,500 calories = 1 pound

I have a deficit of 900 calories so I will lose about 1/4 pound this week.

Do you see how SLOW it takes to lose weight?  This really is insane how slow it goes, but that’s how the good Lord made it. There are so many reasons why He indeed made it this way, and that’s a blog for another day, but know this: regardless of how long it takes to get to your final destination in your health, enjoy and learn from the journey.  It will help remind you to not fall back into bad habits later.


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