SQUEEZE in Exercise Anywhere!

I can only imagine what America would look like if there weren’t washers and dryers, microwaves, ovens, dishwashers and computers…I am sure you can too. Back in the Bible days people worked with their hands a lot more than the average office desk job the majority of Americans live at.  With all these machines, come lots of conveniences that we take for granted everyday…so much that we aren’t as active as back them.  Don’t get me wrong, there are still many people who work hard with their hands doing physical labor everyday. I am talking today about the majority of desk job Americans.

All the fantastic machinery contributes to the mass production of foods…mass production creates massive incomes for the owners. This is a chain effect that can lead to greed. This greed then can plug in alternative motives to providing wholesome foods, to foods that are cheaper to create that include “fillers”.
Yes, there is milk that came from the cow that was produced with standards and grade A production, but how far away that grade A comes from when the food is being altered, watered down and stripped 5 to 10 times. White flour, sugar and high fructose corn syrup are to blame for a lot of fillers these days. Which in return is a leading contributor of the weight issues in Americans.

Can you imagine what it would look like today if the fillers weren’t present in most foods? What if snack foods were the expensive items to buy and the whole foods the cheap ones? Where did it go wrong? Why is it so much more to buy real cheese than to processed? Because these prepackaged items have fillers which are mass produced and are cheaper to include in the list of ingredients. They also contain preservatives which give them a longer shelf life. This in return gives us more freedom to do other things than go to the grocery store again and again. Ha, which then gives us more time to sit at work longer, sit in front of the TV longer, sit in the car longer, sit, sit, sit…

Imagine what it would look like if we were all able to produce our own foods again on our own lands? America would be a different kind of place. I am sure you are thinking…I would miss my chocolate! Wouldn’t we all?

Because we have the odds stacked up against us, it’s important we give closer attention to our physical bodies. It might even be that we need to make an appointment to go to the gym, go for a walk or take a stretch break at the desk. Include this physical activity in your daily plan. You won’t regret it.

Ideas for taking getting that exercise in:
At Work…

  • stand up and walk around every 10 minutes, even if it’s to get a folder instead of someone bringing it to you
  • make a point to take the stairs instead of the elevator (or at least a few flights if you are in a high-rise)
  • park farther away from the office
  • get outside, yes even in the winter, and go for a brisk walk for even 15 minutes
  • walk to the post office or store or gas station or lunch spot if possible
  • stand up and stretch at your desk
  • bring in an exercise band or ball and do a few reps while in your chair on the phone
  • stand during every other phone call
  • prop your feet up a bit to get circulation moving

At Home…

  • walk the dog on a regular basis
  • talk to a neighbor about being a walking partner and then set a schedule (jogging or running works too)
  • grab a friend and do a workout DVD together, set a schedule and stick to it
  • walk to the post office, store or gas station if possible for those smaller items
  • go up and down a few more times on those stairs
  • wash the floor on your hand and knees instead of the mop (for those with good knees of course!
  • ask your child to ride their bike and you run/jog beside them
  • ask your child to go to the local high school track and race you
  • play basketball, throw a ball or play catch with anyone willing
  • vacuum all the rooms in record time
  • hand wash something you normally don’t like your rugs, curtains or bedspreads (as long as it’s possible)
  • help a neighbor move heavy items the can’t by themselves
  • rearrange your furniture – in more than one room
  • buy some exercise equipment and use it at least 3 time per week (exercise band, medicine ball, aerobic step, exercise stability ball, etc.)

Imagine if you tried some of these things…you would burn more calories and get your heart going, muscles engaged and perform some daily tasks all at the same time.  Give God the glory that you are more than able to do these tasks and do them well.  Ask God to give you ideas that are applicable to you. Write them down and do them!

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