Arm Yourself For Fit & Faithful Living!

I'm so excited to announce my new book: Arm Yourself For Fit & Faithful Living!

Have you ever considered there was more to achieving your health goals than just a rock-solid diet or exercise plan? Not only will you conquer these two avenues, you’ll go deeper in the trenches and tackle comparisons, insecurities, and mental struggles that thwart the very health goals you set out to accomplish. In this 14-week whole health journey, you will discover the following:

—How to arm yourself against internal health battles
—How connected your spiritual life is to your health
—How to stop jealousy or emotional merry-go-rounds
—How to be successful in planning meals and exercise
—How friendships can flourish instead of flounder

Ladies, this is all for you! Meet together weekly with a girlfriend, or a small accountability
group of 3–4, to focus on your weekly health challenges and assignments. Together you’ll
achieve a fully equipped life by applying principles related to physical, emotional, social,
mental, and spiritual health...(read more)

Choose different meal plans from the list. 

There are so many options for exercise, which one fits you best?


So many choices yet we can't decide what to eat. Here is a simple list!

Just breathe...and relax! This stretching program is super easy and an be modified for any fitness level.

Times are changing.  Gone are the days when the 'average' person went to church. In fact, when you ask someone if they go, there is usually a pause, and then an explanation of why they don't. Why do...

I try to offer health challenges as much as possible. Remember to get your friends to do the challenge with you - it's way for fun and holds you accountable!

2-Week Wellness Challenge - coming soon

Core Challenge

Be encouraged to exercise with friends. They are the spice in your workouts, accountability for sure, and add spice to your life!  Here are some simple exercise plans to keep you and your friends engaged while working out. 

Partner Exercises

Fun Workout Ideas & Sheets


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