Water Shred

Have  you ever tried Water Aerobics?

I’m NOT talking about walking some laps or jumping up and down with a noodle for 30 minutes. I’m talking Water Shred!

Build lean muscle, lose weight, build cardiovascular endurance, increase flexibility and have a blast with great tunes and great company.

water weights Have you ever used water weights? These puppies can create huge resistance in the water and can even make you sore for days! It’s all about the intensity and the duration of your exercise.

Try some of these exercises in a pool. It’s not the same without music and friends, so if you get a chance, grab some friends and print out the page for some fun exercises!

Side Tappers 

Take your feet and tap the side of the pool. Then kick them straight back behind you and go straight over to tap the other side of the pool wall. Try this back and forth 10 times.





Hip Twisters

Rock your hips side to side. Try to keep your hips out of the water as much as possible.


Try 20 on each side.


Around The World

Bring your knees up to your chest and then kick them together out to the side, bring them back to your chest and kick them out to the other side. Do this as fast as possible for 10 full rounds.

More photos coming…

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Sarah has taught over 500 water aerobics classes in the US and internationally and is a multi-certified personal trainer, fitness instructor, wellness coach & certified in CPR/AED.

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