Is Portion Control Controlling You?

I recently was talking to a friend and they told me they have never counted calories before – never! I couldn’t believe it. The reason why I couldn’t believe it was they were on a diet plan that told them to “just cut back” to lose weight. My friend wasn’t losing weight and didn’t know why. She was cutting back and wasn’t seeing results.
As Christians we sometimes wonder if God is really helping us, or if we are left out on this island all by ourselves struggling to survive this walk by ourselves. Most of us could agree we might feel that way, but we know deep down it’s not true. God is for us and not against us. He loves us. He wants the best for us – even if that means discipline.

It’s hard to count calories and hard to restrict those lovely goodies calling our names. After all, we worked hard all day, we had stress to deal with and we deserve to relax and enjoy the bounty our paycheck produces at the end of the day. What’s so bad about sitting back in the easy chair with 2 scoops of ice cream at night watching the news? Nothing. Nothing is wrong with it!  What can make it wrong  is if this is the second bowl, this is the 5th night in a row, or if this is the second treat of the night.
 It’s hard to call it quits.
One way that has helped millions of Americans quench those firey darts that blast our way from temptation – is to count calories.

Ever try it?
It’s not really that hard!

One thing that makes is super easy these days is the fact that all food labels have the calorie count on them. Ever thought why that information is on there anyway? It’s the law. Not only is “It’s the Law”, it’s there to make sure Americans don’t eat too much of a good thing. It’s there for our protection! So why do we need to be protected from too many calories? Too much a good, or bad, thing can led to disease and obesity and clogged arteries – which leads to death.
Yes. This is correct. If your portion control is controlling you – you could be killing yourself. It’s hard news to hear and it can cut like a knife. Coronary Heart Disease the the number one killer in America. 1 out of 4 people die from a clogged heart. More people die from CHD then any other cause. Where does this clogging come from? Mainly, from poor diets. So yes, sitting back in the easy chair eating ice cream night after night, after night or eating chips or foods high in fat – can be causing your heart to slowly clog.

If you are struggling with over-eating and/or not being able to control late cravings or calories during the day…give this area over to God. Ask Him to help you control your portions and satisfy your hungry. Ask Him to direct your paths, to help you manage your eating habits. Invite Him to your dinner table as if He was a guest and assume He is watching your every move (you know He really is anyway). Pray and meditate over your desires and ask God to help you overcome them.

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