The Key to any workout is repetition!
Golden Rule: Perform 3 times a week of an exercise, waiting 48 hours before working those specific muscles again. (if you work biceps, you should not work them again for 48 hours) The goal is to do it 3 times per week!

I have heard this story before and wanted to share. To make it more fun…imagine with me, for 2 minutes, that this is you:
“You wake up one morning and decide you want to get in shape. You are very motivated and ready to lose those extra few pounds that restrict you from seeing your belly button all the way.  So, you decide to join a local gym. You arrive and after walking around a while, you decide you’ll start with a class. You hop in the next fitness class and realize you might be more out of shape than you thought. It was great, motivating and a lot harder than it was 5 years ago! 
The next day you wake up so sore you can’t squat using the toilet without the reminder of class the day prior.  You realize you overdid it and then realize you are too sore to go back the next day…and the next. You soon find yourself slowly wishing you had that same motivation you had before you joined the gym. You give it another go and realize the gym thing isn’t for you…you quit.”

Before you throw in the towel on any program, give it a chance. There are some that will be harder than others.  Start off with an easier class if you are getting frustrated.

Think about this:
The average person adds 2 pounds of body fat every year. After 5 years that is10 pounds. It will more than likely not come off in 2 weeks. In fact it shouldn’t. A healthy weight loss would only be about 2 pounds per week, as suggested by almost every licensed professional you can find.

“Young adults are also at a high risk for weight gain. In America, for adults ages 25-74, the major weight gain was shown to be highest between ages 25-34. This was found by recent US government studies. And in the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults Study, even though trends were constant across ten years of follow-up studies, age-related weight gain was larger in the early to mid-20s than it was for older age groups.” Stats taken from American Chronicle on Weight Gain

I use this as motivation:
If you were able to lose 40 pounds weight in only 2 weeks, everyone would be on major swing diets…eating whatever they wanted because it would only take 2 weeks to get back down to where they started.
Don’t we wish it were that easy? Too bad it’s not, God did not create us this way!

If you are trying to lose 40 pounds, it could take up to 20 weeks. OUCH! Truth hurts, remember it will take time.

On a last note, there are a lot of good lessons we can learn from being patient.  God created us so that when we eat bad fatty foods it attaches to ourselves a lot faster than it takes to get rid of it.  When we are done working off fat, we will remember how hard it was to get it off and hopefully, not go back to putting it back on.  * Lesson learned in being patient while shredding fat.

Proverbs 14:29 (NIV) Whoever is patient has great understanding, but one who is quick-tempered displays folly.

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