One of my favorite things to do is race, but not just race, racing with obstacles and adventure! No matter where we go there is usually adventure awaiting us. Sometimes it’s just a matter of allowing it to happen. If we stay home the chances of it arriving at our door step is a lot less likely then if we go looking for it.

When my husband and I sign up for adventure racing we really aren’t sure what we are getting ourselves in to. Of course there are descriptions, articles, pictures, videos and pre-planning to give us a clue as to what we might encounter..but we never really know what it’s all about until we actually experience the adventure first hand.

My husband and I just finished the Spartan Sprint Race near Chicago, IL this weekend.  When we came home and told others about this mad dash of ultra intense fun we could tell those who didn’t experience it weren’t fully catching the spirit because they weren’t there. They didn’t walk our path and step in our shoes.  As we were on the course even my husband and I had different experiences because our eyeballs didn’t see and experience the same thing.  I often wonder what it would have been like to go back in time and be a locust on a nearby wheat shaft wall watching the Last Supper unfold or watching the Read Sea roll back revealing dry ground!  We can only read about it today – unless Hollywood would ever decide to try to reenact it. But of course it would never be the same as being there.  Just think if we didn’t have the the scriptures to even know about the miracles and adventures that took place? What would happen if these adventures weren’t recorded…worse yet, what would happen if these adventures didn’t happen?

People in the Bible times had to physically go out, which lead them to much adventure. They didn’t stay locked up in their tents nor hunkered down in their caves.
God has allowed us all different journeys to explore in our lives. It’s up to us if we go grab them by the horns and take hold of them with all our might or stay home watching the tube. If we stay stagnant, in our own homes with our own things, doing our normal activities with our regular friends day in and day out – we will be less likely to experience what God’s adventure is for us.

Me and my husband Nick

I want to encourage you to try something new this week.  Something physical of course. Join a race like an obstacle or adventure (there are tons of them around) and it’s more fun with a group of friends, join a club or a gym, start a running/walking club with your neighbors or call some friends over to do some exercise videos together. Not sure where to start, pray and ask God to show you where to begin.  If you do something outside the ordinary, you might just find your self having more fun and experiencing a new adventure you never knew existed.

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