Losing Fat or Muscle – That is the real question!

So many are more concerned about moving the scale down in numbers then the WHY the scale is or is not moving.  Most know that muscle weights more that fat – so what does this really mean?

If you were to hold up 5 pounds of fat, it would look something similar to the size of a loaf of bread. If you were to hold up 5 pounds of muscle, it would look something to the size of your fist.
Most scales can’t read your body fat content versus your lean muscle mass content. What this means is, you might be working hard lifting weights and exercising yet the scale is not moving a pound! Aha! Don’t get  frustrated if that scale even jumps up a few pounds. It also could account for water retention. Muscle weighs more than fat! I would rather be lean and have a heavy scale reading.

Are your clothes getting more snug in areas you are trying to get rid of? If this is the case, then change your fitness program.

  • Do more cardio based activities most days of the week – but with interval training (there is a section on this site for that)
  • Change your eating habits with whole foods and less processed
  • Do your lifting program the same day you do interval training – 3 days per week
  • Do toning day 1, then on days 3 and 5 do heavier weights
  • CHANGE up your programevery 4-6 weeks

If your clothes are seeing give, then you are on the right track.

Most people burn more muscle when they work out because they aren’t taught how long, to what frequency and for how many days – most don’t rest their bodies either.
I have a friend who was doing an insane workout program from a DVD and was losing more muscle than fat. In fact, this person lost 4 pounds of muscle and no fat at all.  I am simply letting you all know that not every workout is for every person.

We are all made in God’s image, yet we all have different personalities, different callings, different DNA. We are all unique. We are all special and all different, yet are made by the same Creator. We come in all different shapes and sizes – and that’s how God made us.

So, with all this in mind…write down your goals and changes you will make TODAY – don’t wait until tomorrow – make the decision TODAY! After you have written these down, post it on this site for accountability.

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