Master cleanse – Now Allergey FREE!

Okay, so I did the Master Cleanse and guess what? 
It worked! Let me tell you why…

I got a call from my brother, who has had major allergies his whole life, and he announced he is allergy free! Of course I said, “HOW?! How did you do that, what happened?”
He told me he tried the master cleanse for 10 days and it cleared up so many of his issues, but the reason for going on the Master Cleanse wasn’t to get rid of allergies, that was just a side effect – A GREAT ONE AT THAT! Talk about a good side effect. He did it to lose weight and to clean out his body.
So…I said, “I want to try it, how do you do it? IS IT HARD TO DO?” Being as I had very minor seasonal allergies, I thought it would at least help me if anything.
I had never really heard anyone who had done it before, but I totally trusted my brother.

He told me about this book, The Master Cleanse, and what a quick read it was. The recipe and formula is in there and it is nothing shy of normal ingredients. REAL maple syrup, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and water. You also need salt and optional tea.
I know it sounded crazy to me, but after reading the short booklet, with MUCH data to back it up, this century old detox still has the ability to kick those old habits and get the job done.

WARNING…this one isn’t for the one who LOVES to eat and looks forward to their next meat. I will also add, please see your doctor before attempting any diet, detox or alterations in your daily caloric activity. This book is written by Certified Dieticians and also is looked down upon by certified dieticians.

Nonetheless, I was intrigued and also super interested in

  1. getting rid of allergies 
  2. cleaning out my body without drugs
  3. kicking eating habits that weigh me down
  4. and cleaning up my complexion..there is actually a lengthy list of benefits…

God tells us we should fast (it’s in His Word!) – fast without food and even water at times. Our bodies were created to change things up, give it a rest and eat different foods. It’s okay to go without large amounts of proteins and to cut out certain foods for a while.
I did learn some cautions: Do not exercise while on this detox. Just make sure you read the booklet prior.

So…I went on it for and only lasted 3 days out of the 10. I hit the WALL. Do you want to know why?
I didn’t read the entire booklet. I missed the part where it read I had to kick my caffeine habit prior to starting. Oh, this was going to be too much I thought.
So, I decided to go back on it in a week after I beat the addiction (which I wasn’t even sure I had any addictions – yes, that is the first sign you probably do when you think you don’t have any!). It was easier than I thought to break this little safety net. I took a lot of Advil =) and switched to caffeine free coffee.

I knew deep down I needed to do this, you know…that Holy Spirit drawing you to do something uncomfortable deep down feeling…and if my brother could do this, then I sure could.
Let me tell you, it was super hard! I will not lie, it was one of the hardest things I have done in while. I LOVE food and I love to enjoy it with my family. Pray and mentally prepare for this one before you do it. If you are one that can go days without eating your favorite foods, if fasting is an easier task for you, then this would be the perfect detox. So I tried again. I will admit that after day 7 it was like I was a new person.
I could smell better too!

I soon could tell things were happening. When you detox your tongue will get coated, whitish to be blunt. It will look nasty and you won’t feel the best, but then, wow! I could even pick out smells in the room distinctively.
Blessings to you on your search for a great detox!I am not sure I will try this one again for a while, but I know others have and liked it better than some others they have tried.

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