Start a Book Study at Your Church


  1. I’ve created a fun way to get the groups going: Wellness Weekdays or Wellness Weekends
  2. Make a fun video about why we all need to focus on our health.
  3. Use the informational video provided: Youtube Info Video.
  4. Use social media invites to promote it and gain interest (scroll down to the bottom).
  5. Ask God to help you with ideas on how to get more women involved in your community.


1. Each woman studies the material on their own each week.

Bible study group

2. Meet weekly in a larger group for accountability.

3. Group together with your accountability partner.

A facilitator will open the group in prayer, or take time to pray together.

Then the ladies will turn their chairs towards their 1-2 accountability partners and begin reviewing the spiritual exercises and content performed during the week.  The SEL leader will keep an eye on the time and make sure to close in prayer. 

This is the easiest study to host and facilitate at your church, or group, because it doesn’t require anyone to actually lead something.  No one will have to ‘add’ anything extra to their plate.  You only need a facilitator to open and close in prayer once the study has begun. The facilitator is essentially providing a place for the groups to meet and be accountable help keep track of time.

Starting a Small Accountability Group (SG)

  1. Small Accountability Groups are up to a max of 4 people and can be formed with two sets
    of APs. (an AP is a group of 2 Accountability Partners)
  • These small groups meet together on a weekly basis at any location chosen and preferably on the same day and at the same time.
  • Please limit your AG to 4 women—it keeps the group intimate and allows more personal information to be shared.
  • If the group seems too big, even if you are already half way through this book, separate. 

Starting a Large Accountability Group(AG)

  1. In order to organize a large AG, start by choosing an AG SEL (Simple Encouraging Lady). A SEL leader’s role could include:
  • Setting up dates, times, and securing a location with adequate space for the group size.
  • Determining the size of the group.
  • Marketing or advertising to get women involved.
  • Facilitating by opening and closing in prayer, timing the meeting length, (setting up possible childcare – and group exercises/videos if needed on a non-Sunday format).
  • Helping suggest placement of women for small AGs if necessary. (If a woman wants to join in, but has no AP (Accountability Partner) to go through the book study, the SEL could help find one for her.)

2.  Once the SEL has the details secured, pray for the group and enjoy the journey.

Please Note:
Accountability Groups (AGs) are not a strict and stringent group. They are aimed to be a support and accountability
gathering for women to share their triumphs and trials in a trusting and loving place,
sharing freely—not regurgitating answers to questions. This is all about the heart and soul.  Allow Christ-centered fellowship and lots of it.  Always be mindful of the needs of others in your group. The SEL could help remind women at the beginning of each session to be active in both roles: talking and listening.