Memorize While You Try This Workout!

If you can dedicate 45 minutes to physical activity, can you dedicate 5 minutes to memorizing? Not only will this improve your workout, it will improve brain cells, memory in the future, and also give you

Not only will this improve your workout, it will improve brain cells, memory in the future, and also give you many spiritual gains.

Memorize this scripture – and hey if you already have, then chose another you don’t know!
Acts 1:8“But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me[a] in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”

45-Minute Full Body Cardio Circuit: Jump Rope, Medicine Ball, Stability Ball, track
Try this every other day this week. You should see some progress by the end of the week, and a lighter reading on the scale. Remember to warm up and cool down with stretching.
Warm Up – Think about God while warming up and say your scripture verse out loud. Thank HIM for the healthy body you have!  Walk/Jog a few laps and stretch major muscles holding 15 sec. each

Circuit 1: Try all 4 1 minute each, then repeat 2 times

  • Jump Rope
  • Stability Ball Wall Squats
  • Sprint Around Track
  • Stability Ball Crunches

Circuit 2:

  • Floor Crunches with Medicine Ball (hold it close to chest)
  • Jump Squats (optional with medicine ball)
  • Walking Lunges Around Track
  • Jump Rope

Circuit 3:

  • Stability Ball Crunches with Twist (optional with medicine ball)
  • Jump Squats (optional with medicine ball)
  • Medicine Ball Wood Choppers*
  • Push Ups (optional with medicine ball**)

Circuit 4:

  • Standing Overhead Triceps with Medicine Ball
  • Jumping Medicine Ball Slams+
  • Back Extensions on Stability Ball++
  • Jump Rope 1 minute


Cool Down: March in place 2 minutes, stretch major muscles holding 30 sec. each
* Med. Ball Wood Choppers: Standing feet shoulder width apart, take med. ball overhead to right side, shoulders facing forward. Keep arms straight, hold stomach tight, bring left knee waist high to meet med. ball with force. Come back to starting position and repeat.
** Push Ups (with medicine ball): Push up position, place one palm on med. ball, push up. Roll ball to other hand and push up. Repeat.
+ Jumping Medicine Ball Slams: Perform jumping jacks. While jumping apart, slam medicine ball to ground. Catch ball while legs come together – fluid motion.

++ Back Extensions on Stability Ball: Stomach on ball, feet spread a part on ground.  Arms behind head, elbows out. Bend forward towards ground and back. Arms never touch ground.

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